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Tips To Prevent Slips, Trips, & Falls At Grocery Stores


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One of the most serious hazards that supermarkets and convenience stores face is slick flooring, frequently right under your feet. Heavy foot traffic, spillage, and leaks from refrigerators make grocery and convenience businesses particularly vulnerable to wet floors. If a customer or employee slips and falls on your property, your company could be held liable. The best method of safeguarding your grocery store from winter woes is safe ice melt spreaders.

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Here are some tips to prevent slips, trips, and falls at your grocery store.

  • The winter conditions create havoc during winters, but an effective ice melt helps you overcome slip and fall incidents. Using an ice melt keeps your business accessible as your entrances are free from snow accumulation. It also gives enough traction to overcome slippery surfaces. When used as roof ice melt, it will protect shingles and avoid adding extra weight to them.
  • Employees and consumers can often face a sea of barriers due to power, internet, and phone cords. To keep wires hidden, run them behind walls or beneath rugs. To prevent stringing cables across hallways, place power outlets, internet connections, and phone jacks in easily accessible positions. 
  • Are your employees wearing footwear that is appropriate for the conditions in which they are working? When possible, traction-enhancing footwear should be necessary. 
  • Proper lighting both inside and outside the workplace assists in illuminating locations where employees or consumers may slip or fall. Steps or other hazards are obscured by darkness or shadow. Proper lighting helps you watch your and your customer’s step.
  • You can quickly lower the risk of injury by keeping walkways clear. An open path lessens the chances of tripping over anything unexpected and falling, resulting in a sliding hazard. 
  • Stairs are a typical location for workplace falls, and extra caution is often required to avoid harm. Make sure your stairwells are clean, well-lit, and devoid of unsecured items. 
  • Rugs are a simple solution for slippery surfaces, but be sure to place non-skid cushioning underneath them to keep them from slipping out from under people.
  • Some contaminants penetrate the floor surface, and can make the surface more slippery, even after cleaning. Even some commonly used chemicals can make your inner floor slippery. Place warning signs around the hazard as soon as possible when a leak happens, and then begin the cleanup process. 
  • By allowing employees to reach heights securely, ladders and accessible step stools can help lessen the risk of a fall. By securing your furniture and removing unsafe objects with sharpened corners, you can reduce the risk of tripping and getting injured.

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Both employers and employees have a responsibility to safeguard employees’ health and safety at work. Employers must implement control measures and processes to avoid slips, trips, and falls from occurring, and it is the responsibility of employees to uphold and follow them. A grocery store needs to be accessible throughout the year and, by using an effective and long-lasting ice melt, you can make it happen. An all-around de-icer works for your pavement and also as roof ice melt. It fulfills the responsibility of keeping your store free from snow throughout winters.

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