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5 Potential Signs That You Need Roof Repair

Ice Melt For Ice Dams

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, protecting everything you have worked so hard to build (or buy). That’s why it’s important to look for any problem signs that might indicate you need a repair. Most of the issues are due to the ice dams on the roof. Therefore, it’s imperative you use the best ice melt for roofs.

Here are five common issues that could indicate a problem with your roof:

You see stains or streaks on the ceiling.

If you see stains or streaks on the ceiling, it’s a sign of roof damage. The causes include: 

  • water leaks (which can occur anywhere in your home and typically result from problems with your roof)
  • mold growth, 
  • moisture gets into your attic, or 
  • condensation (which happens if you have ice dams).

Shingles are missing. 

Shingles are one of the most common roofing materials. They can be damaged easily. If you notice a large section missing from your roof, it may need replacement.

You have a sagging roof.

A sagging roof is a sure sign that you need to get your home’s support structure inspected and repaired. Sagging occurs when the weight of the house causes the wood or nails in your roof to bend, creating an arch over time. This arch can cause permanent damage to your ceiling, flooring, and walls. It could be due to the weight of the snow accumulated on the roof.

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You have ice dam issues in the winter.

Ice dams are a common problem, especially during cold winter months. The most common cause of ice dams is unvented attics. When the snow melts and freezes on your roof’s surface, it expands as it freezes, pushing up against the shingles above it. This causes water to build up behind the dam and leak into your attic or home through ceiling tiles or walls. If left untreated for long enough (or if you don’t catch the issue at all), this can result in damage to your home—including mold growth and structural integrity issues.

Best ice melt for roofs

You can now remove ice dams using the methods mentioned above and use the best ice melt for ice dams to melt them effectively. While some people use strong calcium or magnesium chloride chunks to melt ice, one more product that you can use is Safe Thaw. It is salt-free, 100% environment-friendly, and contains urea-modified glycols and liquid crystals that do not cause any damage to the foliage, gutter, roof, or ceiling.Even if you have water tanks on top of the roof or any pipes running around, it will not damage them. Your roof ice melt works in ways that you want it to work. 

Get your roof serviced and maintained periodically. If you have questions like how to melt ice on concrete, use Safe Thaw. 

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