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Why Your Restaurant Needs A Commercial Ice Melt

Commercial Ice Melt

Come winter, every restaurant, especially with open front yards and entrances, has to start thinking of snowfall, ice melt salt wholesale, and the best ways to deice their surroundings. As a restaurant owner, your business thrives on your customers’ footfall. So when you know your premise can get slippery post-snowfall, you have to ensure to use excellent ice melt products and ones that are environmentally-friendly too. 

Top reasons your restaurant needs a commercial ice melt product: 

1. Safety 

The top reason for any restaurant to approach wholesale ice melt companies and purchase ice melt products is safety. If your premises are safe, your customers are safe, and your employees are safe. 

2. Handy 

Having an ice melt is extremely handy as it allows you to prepare for the worst. Thus, connected with wholesale ice melt companies to purchase it in bulk is beneficial. 

3. Protect Your Parking Lot And Patio

If your restaurant has a parking lot, you need to prepare an ice and snow removal plan to help ease access for your customers and employees. Using safe ice melt products, such as Safe Thaw, helps increase traction immediately and melt ice instantly without causing damage. If you have a wooden patio, you rest assured to keep it ice-free and safe with Safe Thaw. 

Keeping these factors in mind, the #1 preference of all restaurants today is Safe Thaw. 

100% non-corrosive ice melt with a capacity to work at sub-zero temperatures and helps to keep the sidewalks, driveways, and any open spaces free from ice

Why Safe Thaw? 

While there are several alternatives in the market, Safe Thaw is 100% environment-friendly, without any salt or chlorides.

As a restaurant owner, not only your concrete but the foliage around your restaurant needs protection after the ice melts. You do not want to see a whitish residue or damaged and wilted plants. With Safe Thaw, you can clean and sweep the place after use without worrying about the after-effects.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

How To Use Safe Thaw? 

We know time is a significant factor for every restaurant, and you want quick solutions to your problem. Safe Thaw allows you the liberty to use the product as much as you like without wasting it or waiting for the surface to deice. 

The ice melting granules leach out a deicing liquid to speed the melting process and prevent water molecules from crystallizing or forming ice again. An eight to 10 oz cup covers approx—100 sq. ft. in an lb., twice as much as any other ice melt product. Take a large scoop of Safe Thaw and evenly spread it on the surface to increase traction around your restaurant and clear it of any ice. The coverage lasts for up to three days.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


It is a dry, spreadable product without any potassium, nitrogen, or chloride. It does not leave any dead spots along your sidewalk, driveway, patio, or any other concrete, wooden, or asphalt surface. Since it is a patented product, you can rely on its performance and purchase this ice melt wholesale from a store near you. 

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