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Best Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Ice Dams On The Roof

Best Ice Melt For Ice Dams

Clogged storm drains, and gutters are the primary reason for the formation of ice dams on the roof. From choosing the best ice melt for ice dams to cleaning the gutters off the debris, you must clear your gutters twice a year. Ice dams result from debris accumulation that does not allow melted snow to pass through them smoothly. If not cleaned before the arrival of winter, it could damage your ceiling and wall and cause seepage, thus weakening the foundation of the house.

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The best effective ways to get rid of ice dams are-

Clear The Debris

It is imperative to clear the debris from the gutters before the onset of winter. Use a leaf blower, powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner, small shovel or plastic spatula, use a garden hose, or clear it by your hand. Alternatively, you can call upon professional gutter cleaners who will clear the entire roof and the gutters of fallen leaves and twigs.  

Apply The Best Ice Melt For Roofs

If you start to see the formation of ice dams on your roof, you can use a high-quality ice melt such as Safe Thaw, which is urea-modified and salt-free. With special surfactants and liquid crystals, the ice melt helps loosen the ice dams, making it easier to clear. It is the same one used to melt ice on the driveway, sidewalk, patio, and pavement. Liberally apply the ice melt on the ice dams; once the ice begins to melt, it will run off the roof’s gutter safely.

Note: It is best to avoid using rock salt on ice dams directly as it can damage the shingles on the roof. The excess water flowing from the gutter onto the foliage or landscape of your garden can also damage the plants. Make sure you buy the best ice melt for ice dams to avoid damage.

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Break The Ice Dams

Take a ladder, climb the roof, and use a strong mallet to break the ice dams into small chunks to free them. You must be careful as ice dams can fall on the foliage or cause cracks on the windows and shingles.

Hire A Roofing Specialist

It is best to employ professional services to remove the ice dams to avoid harming you and your surroundings. They have the required equipment needed to remove the ice dams. They use the best ice melt for roofs to avoid the reformation of ice dams due to the freeze/thaw cycle. They use professional steaming equipment that heats water and doles out melted ice under pressure.


You can now remove ice dams using the methods mentioned above and use the best ice melt for ice dams to melt them effectively. While some people use strong calcium or magnesium chloride chunks to melt ice, one more product that you can use is Safe Thaw. It is salt-free, 100% environment-friendly, and contains urea-modified glycols and liquid crystals that do not cause any damage to the foliage, gutter, roof, or ceiling.

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