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Over the years, we’ve not only managed to build an unparalleled reputation but also a product line that speaks for itself. Now, we’re looking to partner with distributors who share our vision.

Why partner with Safe Thaw?

  • Leverage Our Legacy:

As the #1 best-selling ice melt in the USA, partnering with Safe Thaw instantly boosts your store’s credibility, capitalizing on our years of industry acclaim.

  • Innovative Excellence

We’re at the forefront of toxin-free ice melt technology. By showcasing our products, you offer customers unparalleled safety and cutting-edge solutions – making your inventory the go-to choice.

  • Minimal Returns, Guaranteed Satisfaction

Stock our rigorously tested products and enjoy the peace of knowing your customers are receiving the best. This translates to loyal customers and significantly fewer return hassles.

  • Maximized Profits with Us

It’s not just about business; it’s about mutual growth. Along with attractive profit margins, we sweeten the deal with exclusive distributor promotions and deals just for you.

  • Unwavering Support & Training

We stand by our partners. Benefit from in-depth training sessions and a dedicated support system, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in the market.

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