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I Used Ice Melt Around My Office But….


chloride-free ice melt

There is not a season that goes by thinking of the angst I go through every winter. Choosing the right ice melt chloride-free and sometimes settling for a less environment-friendly one makes a wish for a safer option. 

Come fall, I knew I would have to prepare for the dreadful winter with the proper snow removing equipment and ice melt. At the same time, I was always reading about chloride-free ice melt explanations but never found anything comprehensive. I experimented with rock salt as a safe option; however, I was never happy with the residual effect. 

As a small business owner, I have a regular footfall of customers coming in and out of my office. So naturally, the first thing they notice during winter is ice and snow, and they don’t want to slip or fall, and we must ensure that it does not happen. While I tried keeping it ice-free and used a couple of ice melt chloride-free products, it was always a battle to face the unexpected. 

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

Regular usage of ice melt around my office made me see a difference- 

  • The ice never melted entirely, thus causing me more angst. 
  • The rock salt or blend mixed with ice formed a slush or brine that was more dangerous. 
  • After I shoveled it on the pavement, it left a whitish residue around my office.
  • I had recently fixed the concrete in front of my office, and it started to crack. 
  • The constant freeze/thaw cycle pushed the concrete to develop cracks. It led to expensive repair work later. 
  • It wilted the flowers in front of my office due to excessive salt deposits. 

Overall, I did not have a great experience using ice melt. 

However, shortly after, I was introduced to Safe Thaw ice melt through my friends who used it for quite a few years. I instantly connected with customer care and called for a chloride-free ice melt explanation and how it would help me keep my office safe. 

It was a game-changer for my office. It was not only safe to use but also easy to carry and store. 

Some things I noticed with Safe Thaw- 

– I did not require to use too much of it. A small amount did the trick. 

– It was safe for my vegetation, did not damage concrete, or harm the pets we have on our premises. 

– It is eco-friendly and acts as a fertilizer for plants as well. 

– It does not clog drains and nor does it pollute the waterways. 

– It is pretty handy and easy-to-use, and we don’t need to use too much of it either. 

Out of all the products that we have come across and used, Safe Thaw has helped me battle winter woes far better than others.’

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


When customers tell their stories, we are reassured in our belief in serving society and making environment-friendly products for everyone. Safe Thaw is 100% environment-friendly and chloride-free, with a proprietary dual-effect compound that quickly deices the surroundings. It is ideal for commercial and industrial establishments because of their bulk requirements. 

Have you tried Safe Thaw chloride-free ice melt yet? 

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