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3 Ways How Safe Thaw Protects Your Concrete

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Ice melts also known as deicers, melt ice from driveways, steps, and sidewalks. They can not only melt ice, but they can also provide extra traction whether walking or driving. Safe ice melt bulk can make your winter more bearable and safer. Ice removal is, in fact, a mandatory requirement for businesses to function effectively throughout the winter season. 

Ice melts are to concrete damage due to the chemicals used to melt the ice. The majority of concrete deicers are chloride mixtures, mainly sodium (rock salt) or magnesium. Sodium chloride is rock salt that can harm plants and metals since it is salt. Rock salt is quite corrosive. When purchasing bulk ice melt for sale, look for safe options that will not damage your concrete. Safe Thaw is one of the safest industrial-strength ice melt. Let us find out how Safe Thaw protects our concrete.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

Speed Up The Melting Process

This one-of-a-kind product gets to work right away. The liquid part of the product starts the instant melting process by breaking the surface tension. The core component enters the ice elements and weakens them to speed the melting.

It also makes use of solar energy by attracting heat during the day and intensifying the Endothermic reaction, making its melting capabilities even more powerful. 

Providing A Protective Shield

The chloride-based ice melt does not give you instant snow removal. The salt crystals frequently remain on the surface before they start their work. Due to their long presence, they can be a threat to your vehicles, machinery, greenery, even outdoor and indoor surfaces. These ice melts leave behind messy residue and chemicals that can damage concrete.

Safe Thaw has a long-lasting effect. It does not let snow stick to your concrete for 72 hours after application. It is a big advantage to the business as you do not need to shovel frequently to keep your driveways and sidewalks safe. It also makes shoveling and cleanup easier. The traction agents present help you avoid any business liabilities by avoiding slips and falls. It is non-abrasive and does not harm the finish of your surface.

Free From Corrosive Elements

The two main ingredients of Safe Thaw are crystalline amide core and glycols. These magic components have a non-corrosive structure. Most of the ice melts available in the market are either chlorides or blends. They are acidic because of which they weaken the concrete by damaging the bonds. The driveway concrete has reinforced steel and chlorides can corrode it, thus causing irreversible damage.

When exposed to salt, it corrodes quickly. The moisture attracted by salt components can fasten the corrosion process. It can damage the metal rebar present in your concrete, causing cracks, flakes, and pop-outs. Safe Thaw prevents water molecules from reconstructing into ice crystals by breaking down the molecular structure of ice and snow. They draw heat to raise the temperature and melt ice without damaging the concrete.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Consider an ice melt that will not hurt your concrete, vehicles, or property. Unlike anything else on the market, Safe Thaw has the potential to alter the way winter affects our world. It is the best option for concrete. It is no surprise that many businesses pick it when they seek a gentle, more effective solution for their concrete. When you have an option for bulk ice melt for sale, don’t be tempted to get salt disasters but opt for Safe Thaw, a safe and effective ice melt.

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