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Safe Thaw Alternatives: A Fair Comparison

Safe Thaw - Industrial Ice Melt

There’s no product like ours.’ ‘We know how to melt ice without salt.’ ‘We are the only ones offering this service.’ Haven’t we heard of these claims and wondered if they are true? Although we might want to believe them, something inside tugs us to find out a few more details about ice melt spreaders before investing.

To help you make an informed decision, we give you a fair comparison of different ice melt spreaders in the market.

Rock Salt or Sodium Chloride

·  The most common ice melt is freely available in the market.

·  Cheapest of all the ice melts.

·  A crude form of table salt and not fit for human consumption.

·  Not safe for pets, foliage, and concrete.

·  Not effective below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Calcium Chloride

·  One of the most expensive ice melts in the market.

·  Not entirely safe for concrete, pets, or foliage.

·  Works up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit only.

·  Can damage metal and concrete.

·  It attracts water and releases heat.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

Potassium Chloride

·  Better for slightly warmer areas.

·  Not entirely safe for concrete, flowerbeds, or pets.

·  Pricing is similar to calcium chloride.

·  It leaves a whitish residue and works up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

·  Mildly corrosive and conductive.

Magnesium Chloride

·  More popular than other counterparts, except rock salt.

·  It is fast-acting and long-lasting.

·  It is not entirely safe or non-corrosive for metal, concrete, and flowerbeds.

·  It works up to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

·  It can kill grass, leaves a brownish residue, and can kill grass and other plants with its’ brown patch.


·  It is a mixture of two or more ice melt products.

·  Exothermic and melts ice at different temperatures, depending on the melt used.

·  Some come in pure forms as well, i.e., 96% calcium chloride, etc.

·  You must consider these points before concluding.

Some other popular ice melt alternatives are kitty litter, sand, sawdust, etc., that different business establishments sometimes use.

Safe Thaw Ice Melt – How To Melt Ice Without Salt?

A product unlike others, Safe Thaw is made of 100% chloride-free and salt-free ingredients. It has a strong market presence with stable customers enjoying the product offering every winter. A patented formula lets the liquid leach from Safe Thaw crystals and deices snow and ice surfaces. It works well even in sub-zero temperatures.

The beauty of the product is, that it is safe for pets and kids alike and does not harm them in anyway. Even if they accidentally ingest it, you do not need to worry. It is easy to spread in large and small areas and is an ideal companion for your business or commercial needs.

It is one of the quickest ways to melt ice without salt and without harming our environment.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution

To Conclude

We have tried to bring out a clear comparison between all the products. However, while some may suit a particular region, some might not. Safe Thaw provides you with a pet-friendly ice melt that does not damage your surroundings and helps you solve your winter problems smoothly.

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