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How To Prevent Your Employees From Slipping On Ice


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Employees are at a high risk of slipping and falling when the weather turns icy. As a result, an employer’s risk of an on-the-job injury is increased. It’s best to be prepared, even if your state doesn’t get much snow or ice. Even with a modest bit of snow, some people are unsure what to do. 

Employers should take some basic precautions to avoid accidents during the winter months. There are some basic things you can do in the winter to help lessen the danger of slipping and falling. One of them is using an effective ice melt spreader. Here are some tips on how to prevent your employees from slipping on ice.

Housekeeping will keep you safe

Housekeeping and safety are inextricably linked. Employee injuries, higher insurance costs, and regulatory charges all could happen if your facility’s cleaning standards aren’t up to par. It is a positive indication that an organization’s overall safety program is effective if its facilities are conspicuously clean and properly organized. 

Proper housekeeping is a continuous process that is easily carried out as part of each employee’s daily duties. You must prepare ahead of time, allocate duties, and oversee the implementation of your housekeeping program to build an effective housekeeping program.

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Removing snow and ice from your premises

One of the biggest reasons for winter falls is slippery snow surfaces. To avoid these hazardous situations, you need to understand what melts ice the fastest and plan accordingly. Businesses rely on safe ice melt products to keep their employees and visitors safe. You need to be aware of the pros and cons of various products before buying them. The best commercial ice melt is not only fast acting but is non-conductive. The salt-free and natural ice melt will not harm your concrete, asphalt, machinery, and vehicles. There are ice melts that provide 72-hour protection from slippery icy surfaces. You can easily buy these ice melt in bulk and avoid any unwanted liabilities because of winter conditions.

Remove obstacles to avoid accidents

Trips in aisles, hallways, entrance ways, and stairwells caused by hurdles, clutter, materials, and equipment can also result in accidents. Follow proper procedures, providing time for cleanup. If scrap material or waste is generated as a result of the work operation, ensure its immediate removal.

Maintain proper lighting in workplace 

Poor workplace lighting is linked to an increase in workplace accidents. Use sufficient lighting in corridors, stairwells, ramps, hallways, basements, construction zones, and dock areas. Maintain a clean and well-lit work environment.

Encourage your workers to wear appropriate footwear

During the winter, footwear with slick soles or low tread might be risky. Because they are unsteady, high-heeled shoes are particularly problematic. Make sure your employees understand the necessity of wearing winter footwear. 

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Have a clear understanding of the weather forecast so you can prepare and tell your staff about the weather. By using a fast and long-lasting ice melt spreader, you can avoid any slip and fall on your premises. These actions could help you avoid one of the most common and potentially fatal workplace accidents that occur every year. Take the time to plan and ensure the safety of your staff.

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