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7 Things Retailers Need To Know About Ice Melt

Wholesale Ice Melt

Whether you own a commercial space, a restaurant, or a retail store, you need to understand the basics of using ice melt and connecting with the right wholesale ice melt companies. As a retailer, an immense responsibility lies in guiding your customers to purchase the correct ice melt product. 

Let’s take a glimpse at a few things retailers need to know about ice melt products. 


Each ice melt product comes with a different composition. You need to understand the difference between chlorides, salts, and organic ice melter brands. You cannot generalize all of them under one banner as it will mislead the customers.  

Quick Melting 

You need to know that ice melt products do not melt ice in their solid form. It needs to penetrate the pavement and form a brine to break the ice and surface bond. Whether it is calcium chloride, potassium, rock salt, urea, etc., you need to know the quick melting point of each of them. 


You have to keep the environment safety and pet and child safety in mind while learning ice melt products. In addition, as a retailer, you should know the freeze/thaw cycles and how they will affect different types of surfaces. 

How To Apply 

You need to know how to apply or spread different ice melt products because some are liquid while others are solid. 

How To Protect The Vegetation

Common deicers have the potential to harm soil and vegetation and leave a residue after the ice melt. However, with Safe Thaw, you have a straightforward solution to save the environment and keep your vegetation safe. Know how each ice melt works and purchase the best ice melt salt wholesale

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution


The pricing of every product differs as per quantity and composition. As retailers, you should know the difference in pricing and amount. 


As a retailer, you need to know the impact ice melt products have on your business. If you use a low-grade product and see damage to your premises, you cannot advise your customers to buy anything from you. 

How Can Safe Thaw Help Retailers? 

Safe Thaw is the most environment-friendly product in the market. It does not contain any salt or chloride-based elements. It helps you increase traction on your premises and melt ice quickly. Since it sticks to the surface for approx. 72 hours, you have a lesser chance of slipping, falling, or your vehicle skidding in the parking lot. 

It is not only cost-effective but helps to protect the environment with its all-natural product composition. Moreover, you can spread it with the help of an ice melt spreader and cover maximum ground in less quantity. 

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Every retailer should learn to manage their premises first, before advising customers of the same. Winter management helps to avoid slips, falls, and injuries that can potentially affect your footfall. With a handy and chloride-free ice melt salt wholesale, you can now conduct your business stress-free.  

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