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4 Tips For Effectively Using Ice Melt At Commercial Properties

Ice Melt On Concrete

There are several ways to use ice melt at commercial properties; however, not every method may apply to you. To reduce your snow woes and help you battle icy surfaces, here are 4 top tips to effectively ice melt and buy bulk ice melt near me. 


Whether you are a large, medium, or small commercial establishment, your concrete surface needs shoveling before using any ice melt. A 30″ plow-style shovel is best for scraping and pushing. Besides this, you can also use a 24″ or 18″ plow-style shovel to remove the extra layer of snow. After this, you can buy ice melt in bulk and spread it evenly to help remove the excess icy layer. 

Besides a manual snow shovel, you can use a two-sided flip shovel (Snow dozer) or an electric shovel to help you remove the excess ice quickly. In addition, it will help to spread the ice melt more effectively. 

Uniflow Or Small Electric Snow Plowing Vehicle

Invest in an Uniplow that will help you remove snow before using the ice melt. The purpose of an ice melt is to help you reduce or nearly eliminate the chances of skidding or falling, whether within your premise or the sidewalk. Investing in a Uniplow is a safe bet as you can clear large spaces in a short time. You can also rent a Uniplow before you go ahead and any ice melt. 

Purchase Bulk Ice Melt Near Me 

There are several products in the market, and if you have a large to medium premise, you must buy ice melt in bulk. Every ice melt has varying degrees of melting points ranging from 15°F to -40°F. You must read the instruction manual correctly before using an ice melt product. 

Spread it evenly around the entire premise with the help of an ice melt spreader to avoid excess application on one spot. You can use any ice spreader, such as a hand spreader shaker, hand-powered spreader, professional seeder bag, rotary ice spreader with wheels, etc. 

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution


Lay the ice melt in layers. Always use a limited amount of ice melt on your concrete before a snowstorm. With Safe Thaw, you can spread as much as you want and then add another layer once the snowfall reduces or stops. As the snow melts eventually, it becomes brine or slush, and you can shovel away quickly. In addition, it does not allow the snow to stick to the ground, thus making it far safer to venture out after a snowfall. 

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


While there are different ways to remove ice from commercial properties, the above is far more effective and less time-consuming. With Safe Thaw, you do not need to worry about the concrete’s safety or the environment. It is safe on your vegetation and does not harm pets in case of any on-premise. 

Now keep your commercial property safe with these instant techniques today! 

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