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Best Ways To Remove Thick Ice From Limestone Driveway

Best Ice Melt For Limestone

The thickest ice is the kind that gets baked into your limestone driveway. If you live in a region where freezing rain or sleet is common, it can be challenging to know what product to use in order to make your driveway safe for travel again. Fortunately, there is some best ice melt for thick ice on the market today that will help you get rid of this type of ice faster than ever. 

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is composed of calcium carbonate fossils. It is formed by the accumulation of marine organisms and then consolidated over time into sediments, which were subsequently cemented together. Calcium carbonate is the main component of limestone and can be mined from mines in many parts of the world. 

Avoid Salt Or Chemicals

Before you apply your deicing solution, there’s one more thing to consider: what will happen to it after melting? The answer is simple—it will run off into nearby bodies of water. If you have a well in your yard and don’t want to contaminate it, or if you have a stream or river that might be affected by the runoff, it’s imperative for you to choose a de-icer that won’t pollute those areas with chemicals. Rock salt and calcium chloride are harmful to the environment because they’re too harsh for plants and animals that live in the ground. In addition to these environmental issues, rock salt also can cause damage to concrete surfaces like driveways and sidewalks when it’s spread out over them. These substances are so corrosive that they can eat away at concrete structures over time.

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Choosing The Best Ice Melt For Thick Ice

Choose an ice-melt product that can melt the thickest ice. Many products on the market today are for regular snow or light ice conditions. However, when you have a driveway covered in thick, heavy sheets of frozen water, a regular deicer isn’t going to cut it. Look for products that list their melting ability in terms of thickness (in millimeters). 

Safe Thaw is your go-to. It’s considered the best ice melt for limestone as it contains modified urea. This product has special surfactants, inhibitors, and ice melting boosters. Therefore, it can be used on any outdoor surface, including concrete, stone patios, and wood decks.

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Don’t Use A Snowblower

Don’t use a snow blower or snow thrower to clear the driveway. While these machines may be helpful with light snow accumulation, they can damage your limestone by leaving rough edges where ice has been shaved away. They also can cause damage to the lawn and landscaping around your home.


When it comes to removing thick ice from your limestone driveway, it can be a challenge. While there are many options available, they all require some effort on your part. So what’s the best way to remove ice from limestone? The answer is simple –choose the best ice melt for limestone!

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