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Choosing The Perfect Ice Melt For Bricks

Best Ice Melt For Brick

Bricks can make a beautiful addition to your home. However, they are more susceptible to damage from deicing products than concrete or asphalt. If you have a brick paver driveway, you must use the best ice melt for brick in the winter months to keep it safe. 

Some of the most effective deicers can do lasting damage, such as staining, cracking, and frost heaving. Other products like Safe Thaw can keep you free from ice, and your pavers look good for years to come. Safe ice melt products like Safe Thaw can help keep your paver driveway safe from damage during the winter months.

Before looking at the different types of ice melt products, let us understand what makes an ice melt product safe for pavers. Paver driveways are susceptible to damage due to the freeze-thaw cycle that occurs in the winter months. The repeated freezing and thawing causes the pavers to expand and contract, leading to cracks or breakage.

Ice melts contain chemicals that lower the freezing point of water. When it gets cold enough outside for ice formation, chemicals melt any snow or frost on contact. Most types of these materials will work fine on a smooth concrete surface with no chance for paver damage. However, if you have brick pavers near your walkway or driveway, you’ll want the best ice melt for brick pavers.

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Below are the tips that can help you choose the best ice melt for brick:

Prevention From Corrosion

While a paver driveway can withstand the cold, be careful about what deicing products you use on it. For example, salt can damage pavers if it’s left on for too long or used excessively.

This is because salt is a corrosive material that can cause paver bricks to crack and discolor over time. In addition, salt also dissolves in water and seeps into the pores of brick pavers when they’re damp from melting snow.

If left in place long enough, this water-soluble salt residue may eventually eat away at your pavers, making them brittle and flaky over time. Safe Thaw is an eco-friendly product that works effectively in getting rid of the snow and also doesn’t cause damage to your bricks.

Eco-Friendly And Safe

Chloride-based ice melts are not only corrosive but are also not safe for pets. If your pet drinks the water containing calcium chloride, they could get dehydrated or develop stomach irritation. Salts also damage the plantation in your garden. 

If you want to use a safe product for your pet, Safe Thaw is your best option. You can buy it at most hardware stores, home improvement stores, or on Amazon.

Ingredients In Ice Melts 

Ice melts can harm your pavers if they contain ingredients like chloride-based salts. When choosing an ice melt that’s safe for paver patios, you can look for Safe Thaw which is an effective and eco-friendly ice melt. Safe Thaw contains special surfactants & ice melting boosters and it doesn’t damage your concrete or pavers.

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Ice melts can make it easier to keep your driveway and walkways safe from icy conditions. An important thing to remember with any of these products is that they work best when used sparingly and at the right time. You may also want to consider using an ice melt applicator, which will make it even easier to apply just the right amount of product. Safe Thaw is the best ice melt for concrete and is very effective even at a lower temperature.

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