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Ultimate Guide To Using A Safe Ice Melt On Your Driveway

Safe Ice Melt For Your Premises

With white snow and chilly winds comes the fear of slip and fall accidents, dreadful weather, and hazardous driving conditions. Snow and ice can prove to be dangerous and costly for business owners. Therefore, using a safe ice melt on the premises is essential. One of the most important jobs of a commercial property owner or manager is to ensure safety on the premises. 

Even though ice melts are available at various wholesale ice melt distributors, ensuring a safe choice is a must. There are several forms of ice melt available in the market, but how do you choose the best ones? Continue reading to learn the best ways to use ice melt on your driveway.

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Use A Safe Ice Melt 

Using a safe ice melt is not an option. However, knowing what is safe and what is not could be confusing. To make it easy for you, remember one thumb rule- if it has chloride in its blend, it’s not safe. Chloride-based ice melt may seem cheaper but proves to be highly damaging for property and machinery.

Chlorides are highly corrosive and can damage concrete and other surfaces after prolonged use. Moreover, they can corrode machinery and vehicles. Hence, a safer choice is chloride-free, natural ice melt.

Use Appropriate Quantities Of Ice Melt

It’s a myth that using more ice melt will speed up the ice melting process. Instead, it damages the surfaces, environment and results in product wastage. In addition, each ice melt product is different. As a result, it’s critical to use a safe ice melt and read the product’s application instructions before using it.

Apply At The Appropriate Time

Ice melt should be used before precipitation freezes or when the snow is cleared. After the ice melt has done its job, shoveling the slush layer from walkways helps prevent substantial damage from water absorption and excessive thaw cycles. Unlike other ice melts, urea-based ice melt does not leave a messy residue. It is also easy to clean this ice melt without leaving any hazardous waste

Read Instructions 

For ice melt safety information, consult the application instructions. For example, when using some chloride-based ice melts, you must use protective gloves. 

Excess ice melt is a safety issue when tracked into structures. It can not only harm surfaces, but it can also diminish traction on hard-surface floors, resulting in indoor slips and falls. Hence, go through the instructions and ingredients of your ice melt before making your purchase.

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Suppose you reside in an area where there is a lot of snow. In that case, snow removal is a crucial element of maintaining your structure in excellent repair. Before winter arrives, make sure your property is in good shape and establish a plan for where all that snow will go. 

Safe Thaw is a safe ice melt you must try this winter. You can order it from any home depot ice melt or wholesale ice melt distributor. 

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