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5 Ways To Keep Your Outdoor Space Safe

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It’s well-documented that the winter months can be dangerous for both: people and their pets. To prevent injuries around your property, there are a few ways you can make sure snow and ice melt don’t cause any damage.

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Tenants, guests, and dogs can all injure themselves when using outdoor spaces in the cold. However, a little preparation can make your property safe. Below are five tips to help ensure everyone’s safety this season:

1. Use Ice melt

Ice melt is best for melting ice on concrete and keeping your concrete, sidewalks, and steps safe from the cold. While salt can be harsh on plants and concrete, ice melts are an effective alternative that will do the trick. 

But not all ice melt products are made equal.

Most of the ice melt products in the market are made of chemicals (mainly chlorides) that damage your driveway and patios. 

Safe Thaw, on the other hand, is a unique ice melt, comprising a patented dual-effect compound of special surfactants, inhibitors, and ice melting boosters. It is a timed-release action and starts working as soon as it touches the icy surface. 

Since it is 100% chemical-free and environment-friendly, your driveway and patio material has minimal chance of damage. In addition, Safe Thaw has gone through extensive testing on all different flooring materials to check its effectiveness and safety.

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2. Shovel regularly

Shoveling is another way to keep your space clean and safe. The regular movement of a shovel will help break up snow and ice so that it doesn’t stick around for too long. Shoveling also makes it easier for people to walk through an area. If your steps are covered in snow or ice, people will be less likely to visit that area.

3. Light up the area

Another way to keep your outdoor space safe is using outdoor lights. A smart way of automating this task is setting a light timer to switch on at a specific time of day, so you don’t have to worry about turning them on every night before bed. Use the correct wattage bulb for your outdoor fixtures so they aren’t too bright or dim in the daytime or nighttime hours.

4. Use signs 

People will be more careful and attentive to your warnings if you use signs. Signs are a great way to keep your outdoor space safe, as they inform people how to act and what precautions they should take. Some signs that may be helpful include:

  • Caution signs – These indicate an obstacle ahead; the person who sees it should proceed carefully and cautiously to avoid slipping or falling over something in their path.
  • Warning signs – Warnings mean that something might cause harm or danger if touched or approached by another person. Therefore, these signs need to be visible so that others can stay away from whatever hazard is present nearby.
  • Danger signs – This sign indicates an imminent risk of injury or death (for example, an area where chemicals have been spilled).

5. Make your area safe for people

When you need to clear an area of snow and ice, there are several ways you can make your space safe for people. Use signs and caution tape to show where people should not go or what parts of your property are closed off. This doesn’t need to be complicated—a simple “Caution: Slippery Ice” sign will do the trick. Many people prefer using the best homemade ice melt. However, they have their cons. A chemical-free ice melt is best for melting ice on concrete and keeping people safe on snowy days. 


We have gone over the steps you can take in your outdoor space to keep it safe and clean during the winter. We hope this post has given you some ideas on how to prepare for winter as well as keep your space in good condition throughout the season.

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