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Your Contractor Will Not Tell You This About Your Concrete Driveway


calcium chloride roof ice melt

Growing icicles from the roof during winters are common, and one can enjoy watching the scene. But the picture has another dangerous side, as heavy ice on your roof can damage your shingles and driveway, thus increasing your winter worries. In addition, as the snow accumulates on the roof and driveway, people start worrying about does deicer melts ice and how to choose the best ice melting solution. 

Many people also want to know whether calcium chloride roof ice melt is a safe option. Or should they choose a different solution instead? Unfortunately, your contractor will not tell you about your concrete driveway and roof ice melt solution. So, you must research to select the best ice melt solutions.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

Calcium Chloride Roof Ice Melt

Calcium chloride is a better option for roof ice melt than sodium chloride, as sodium chloride will cause more corrosion and damage the shingles. There are many products in the market with the combination of calcium chloride in the form of tablets, which you can throw on your roof. It can be used before and after the snowfall. It will melt the ice quickly, but does that seem an effective solution to melt the ice on the roof?

No doubt, calcium chloride can do an excellent job of creating a brine solution and quickly melt the ice from your roof and driveway. Therefore, it can be seen as a good solution for quickly getting rid of ice. However, that doesn’t mean it is the best solution.

It can erode your roofing nails, ice dams, and shingles. In addition, calcium chloride may damage your building’s aluminum siding, gutters, and fasteners. It also causes damage to your concrete driveway.

Besides that, if you have landscaping plants around the base of your roof or premises in a green area, using a lot of calcium chloride-based ice melt can impact the longevity of those plants. 

Does Deicer Melt Ice? The Answer Is Safe Thaw

Safe Thaw is a urea-modified natural product for ice melt solutions in your home. It is a secret sauce prepared for higher performance with less quantity and keeps your environment and belongings safe. 

It contains special surfactants that help to spread faster and cover a maximum area with a relatively more minor amount, Inhibitors that control the reformation of ice from water and gives protection from corrosion, and boosters that enhance the performance to provide higher results.

Safe Thaw is an eco-friendly ice melt and 100% salt and chloride free. That’s why it is safe for your roof, nails, shingles, concrete, machinery, vehicles, and environment.

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Calcium chloride-based products are cheap and easy to apply. Still, they are not the most effective long-term solution for your home since they may harm your shingles, ice dams, gutter, and fasteners. Instead then depending on your contractor for ice melt advice, choose the best ice melt solution for your business and eliminate winter worries by getting Safe Thaw.

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