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Winter Hack: How To Melt Ice Quickly

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Numerous winter risks might cause problems for your organization. You’ll need to be ready for more than just a sprinkling of snow. While snow is lovely to look at, it is not ideal for pedestrians. Whatever falls on your business parking lots, porches, and stairways, whether it’s ice, slush, or snow, it can be harmful. One of the best ways to melt ice quickly is ice melt. But are all ice melt safe for your premises? Let’s find out how to get the best ice melt for concrete and building.

How To Melt Ice Quickly By Using Ice Melt?

Prepare in advance

If at all feasible, purchase and apply your ice melt ahead of time. Ice melt, also known as rock salt, is most efficient when applied to a surface before ice forms on it. Put down a thin layer of ice melt first if you know a winter storm is coming or expect a lot of snow. It will help melt the ice more quickly later.  

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Furthermore, if you get your ice melt ahead of time, you will avoid having to travel to the store in icy circumstances to do so!  Ice melt is available at most hardware and home improvement stores. You can also purchase in bulk from wholesale ice melt distributors

Avoid harsh chemicals and rock salt.

Most ice melt solutions consist of either rock salt or chloride salt as the main constituent. These salts can melt ice but are highly corrosive. They can damage your concrete, parking areas, asphalt, and floorings. Their corrosive nature damages the metals threatening your machinery and vehicles.

The toxicity of rock salt as a de-icer is a worry for pets and plants. There are, however, less hazardous and environmentally friendly options available at local hardware stores. 

This type of ice melt is free from salt and other corrosive chemicals. It is safe for your concrete, asphalt, vehicles, and machinery. It works effectively in low temperatures and on all surfaces. You can easily buy this ice melt in bulk and wholesale and store the unused bags for next season as they have a long shelf life.

Apply it properly

Before, during, and after snowfalls, apply the ice melt in thin layers. Avoid putting too much ice meltdown in one layer since this will reduce its effectiveness. Instead, sprinkle out just enough ice to melt onto your surface so that it is distributed evenly and thinly. Once the snow has started to pile, add a second layer, followed by a third and final layer once the snow has ceased. 

When dealing with an exothermic de-icer, wear safety gloves to protect your hands when handling the ice melt. Avoid accumulating ice melt in a single spot. Clean the residue of snow and ice melt from the surface.

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Did you know that slip and fall accidents are the most common reason for workers’ compensation claims? The chance of an accidental injury rises considerably as the weather becomes colder. To avoid any such accidents, you need to use a safe ice melt to remove ice quickly from your pathways, parking areas, and entry points. Do not wait for the last moment but get your home depot ice melt and say goodbye to winter woes.

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