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How To Save Your Parking Lot From Ice Melt Damage

Ice Melt Safe For Concrete And Pet

It’s a challenging situation for business owners when they have a snow-covered parking lot and driveway, and they want a safe passage for their customers and employees. Many times it keeps snowing, and the parking lot and driveway keep accumulating more and more snow even after shoveling. 

Dangers Of Using Ice Melt Or Salt

In such situations, ice melt seems to be a good solution. But here are a few things about ice melt that you should know before using them-

The freeze-thaw cycle and the toxic chemicals that we unknowingly use in winters bring up this damage called fractured concrete. Salt and most of the ice melt in the market are slightly acidic due to the presence of chlorine. Chloride, when comes in contact with water, forms a very weak acid called hypochlorous acid. It breaks down the chemical linkages that make the concrete strong. 

Another factor that aggravates the matter is that most driveway and parking lot concrete have steel that weakens when exposed to salt. It can be exceedingly damaging to grass and bushes, as well as nearby water bodies.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

Some of the common brands with similar blends are Industrial blue premium ice melt and Blue Heat. Industrial strength ice melt ingredients too contain chloride salts.

Ice Melt Alternatives 

Here are the most popular ice melt alternatives with pros and cons for each:

  • Sand – Many municipalities and business owners use sand. They either use it in place of the salt or ice melt or mix it with them. However, sand can clog the waterways. 
  • Heated mats – This is a pricey solution. It’s good for small areas like the front stoop or in front of car tires, but not for the entire driveway or parking lot. 
  • Kitty litter – This product does a fantastic job of absorbing moisture, but it’s too soft to grip the ice, and it becomes very slick when wet.
  • Coffee grounds and ashes – Both provide minimal gripping power on ice, and most of us have neither material in abundance unless we’re drinking way too much coffee or polluting the air with wood smoke.

Salt-Free, Chemical-Free Ice Melt

You can get rid of snow and ice from the parking lot and other areas around your business establishment without the fear of damaging your concrete or harming pets and the environment.

Unlike Industrial blue premium ice melt, Safe thaw is one product that has natural crystals in its blend. On coming in contact with snow, the crystals leach out a deicing liquid that speeds up the melting process. It forms a protective layer on your concrete. It is a concrete-safe ice melt and is even safe for new concrete. 

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution

Bonus Tips For Saving Your Concrete-

  • Anti-ice

Apply natural ice melt on the parking lots and road BEFORE the storm to prevent snow and ice from compacting on surfaces. This will require less amount of product and effort to get rid of the snow after the snowfall.

  • Stack properly

Snow should be stacked onto the grass so that it will not flood the area. When stacking, make sure that the piles are not blocking any roadways, entrances, or mailboxes. Be careful around the vegetation.

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