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What Is The Right Concrete Mix To Use On The Driveway


safe thaw ice melter

Concrete is one of the most durable and preferred construction materials for driveways, sidewalks, pavements, and even roofs! The real test of the concrete surface comes into play when we hunt for a roof ice melt near me, as it is the closest thing you will use to protect your ceiling from moss, seepage, and unwanted icy layers. Not every ice melt product is made the same way. There are several factors affecting the strength and utility of different ice melts.

As a homeowner, our first concern is to ensure our driveway, patio, backyard, and roof are protected from the undue damage caused by accumulated snow. Every year we set out to purchase a product that is ‘supposedly’ concrete-friendly and does not damage our surroundings. But, in reality, with the presence of chlorides and salt, this reality soon fades away. 

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

With the Safe Thaw ice melter, there is one less thing you can worry about. It is not your average natural ice melt product. A unique urea-modified product with ice melting boosters, Safe Thaw, comprises special surfactants and glycols with a liquid core that disintegrates the ice as soon as it comes in contact with it.

Choosing the right ice melt product is imperative, and carrying out the spade work is equally important before building a concrete driveway and rooftop. What do you need to remember to make your concrete driveway last longer?

Proper Thickness

The structural capacity of a driveway is of prime importance while constructing it. Your concrete driveway thickness must be at least 4 inches. Increasing the concrete thickness to 5 inches may pile up additional costs by at least 20%, but it will boost your concrete driveways’ loading capacity by nearly 50%. Now, that’s a good result!

Wire Mesh Reinforcement

You can use a wire mesh or steel rebar to reinforce the structural capacity of your concrete driveway. Spacing it at 10 to 12 inches will give it an extra edge and strength. It may not prevent cracks, but it will contain them. A similar approach applies to reinforcing your rooftop with the right metal structural layout to apply concrete evenly. It will help you hunt for better roof ice melt near me without damaging your structure during winters.


You need to allow at least seven days for the concrete to cure on the driveway and the rooftop. Without proper curing, your concrete can develop cracks early and increase your budget. The ideal time to completely cure the concrete is at least 28 days.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Safe Thaw ice melter can protect your concrete driveway and rooftop from any ice and snow damage. Natural ingredients do not have any residual impact on the concrete, leaving it looking fresh and helping boost plant growth. You must pay attention to the thickness of your concrete driveway to ensure it can take any heavy load and last longer under different weather conditions.

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