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Can You Use Safe Thaw On Roof?


ice melt for roofs

This year’s winter has been a record-breaker, and with it comes the massive thawing that comes along with spring. For those in colder climates, this can present some serious problems—especially if your roof is not up to par. What’s worse than having water damage? Have your roof cave in because you didn’t want to risk using rock salt on it! But don’t worry: there are ways to ensure a smooth thawing process for your roof while avoiding any damage or leaks.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

Eco-friendly, Corrosion-free Ice Melt for roofs

Safe Thaw is a non-toxic, eco-friendly ice melt for roofs. Safe Thaw is made of minerals that will not corrode metal. It won’t damage your roof or any other material on your property. In fact, Safe Thaw is non-corrosive to most roofing materials —including aluminum and galvanized steel. It also won’t harm plants or animals when used as directed.

Safe for Your Plants, Animals, and Roof

Safe Thaw is safe for most plants and animals. Safe Thaw is also safe for the roof of your home. The product does not cause corrosion on metal roofs (even if left sitting). However, we recommend cleaning up any residue after use. Safe Thaw’s unique formula causes no damage to gutters or driveways either!

A Safer Alternative to Rock Salt

​​It’s best to keep rock salt out of your garden entirely. Not only is it corrosive, but it can also damage plants, animals, and the environment. The bad news is— there are no chemical-free salts for snow. As a replacement for rock salt on your roof or driveway, try Safe Thaw instead. It’s an eco-friendly ice melter that melts stubborn ice and snow without harming your vegetation or pets. Safe Thaw doesn’t have all the harmful chemicals in traditional ice-melting products.

Here’s how Safe Thaw can help ensure a safe, smooth thawing process for your roof.

Safe Thaw is a special substance that can be used to safely thaw your frozen roof. It’s made from minerals found in volcanic remains, and it’s completely safe for your plants, animals, and people—as well as the environment.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


So there you have it: the benefits of using Safe Thaw ice melt on your roof. The next time you’re thinking about how to keep your roof safe and secure during the winter, consider using Safe Thaw ice melt as an alternative to rock salt. It’s a safer solution that will protect not only your roof but also any animals or plants that may be nearby.

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