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Best Ways To Melt Snow Without Using Salt On Your Driveway


road runner ice melt

Snow can be a real pain, but it’s not always necessary to salt your driveway. There are lots of ways to remove snow without using chemicals or chemical-based ice melt products like road runner ice melt.

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Here Are Our Top Five Favorite Ways To Get Rid Of Snow Without Using Salt On Your Driveway:


Shoveling is an effective method of removing snow from your driveway. It’s also the most time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive. But if you’ve got no other choice (or really want to get some exercise), go for it. The key to shoveling is making sure you keep moving so that you don’t let the snow pile up onto itself and become an icy mess that will take even longer to remove with each pass of your shovel.

Kitty Litter Or Sawdust Sand

Another simple and inexpensive way to melt snow on your driveway is kitty litter or sawdust. 

Kitty litter is made from clay, which melts in freezing temperatures to form a gel that absorbs water. The same principle works with sawdust: it’s just as cheap, easy to buy and store, and effective at melting ice when combined with snow.

However, one concern is the mess it might make (especially if you have pets), be sure not to use sand as an alternative—it can cause serious damage if ingested by dogs or cats!

You also should avoid using sand with rocks, as this would mean that the rock pieces will scrape against your driveway and damage its surface over time. 

Finally, avoiding overly fine or overly coarse sands is crucial. Too fine means they won’t stick together well enough for use as snow removal material; too coarse means there’s not enough cohesion among particles for them to melt effectively. 

Safe Thaw 

Safe Thaw is a natural ice melt with special traction agents to keep your premises from becoming slippery. It is even helpful on black ice. 

It comprises 100% naturally-procured ingredients, such as modified carbonyl diamide and special glycols with a liquid core that does not allow ice to stick to the surface if you pre-treat your concrete surface. 

After a snowstorm, you can quickly spread it over the icy surface to build traction. 

It does not harm pets, humans, or concrete surfaces because of its non-reactive and non-corrosive nature. You can use it safely on any decking material and even roofs! 

It can be spread quickly with the help of a spreader and does not require too much effort to apply. It is not too time-consuming either. 

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As you can see, there are many ways to melt snow without using salt on your driveway. The best thing is that you have the option to choose the one which suits your needs based on how much time you want to spend each day cleaning up and how much money you want to spend on maintenance. We hope this article gave some useful information about these methods and helped make your decision easier!

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