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Tools To Remove Snow From Driveway


fastest way to melt thick ice

Today’s the perfect day for a snow day! But before you settle in with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book, take a moment to think about your driveway and the fastest way to melt thick ice.

If you don’t remove the snow from your driveway, it will become an icy patch that makes it difficult for people to get into and out of your home. 

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Safe Thaw was created as the ice management solution for tough winter environments. Ideal in commercial and industrial properties, shops, government agencies, bridges, and construction.

While the range of ice-removing products may become overwhelming, you must try and purchase salt-free ice-melt products that are safe for the environment and you. Keeping this pain point in mind, Safe Thaw has introduced a urea-modified 100% natural salt-free ice melt product. It comprises special surfactants, unique glycols, and super ice melting boosters that start acting on icy surfaces as soon as they come in contact. It’s also the answer to your question-how to make ice melt faster on car.

Let us walk you through a few tools you need to clean your concrete driveway without fretting over the outcome.

  • Snowblower 

How to melt thick ice fast is one of the primary concerns for every homeowner. Investing in a snow blower can help ease your woes around removing thick ice quickly. A snow blower helps you clean the initial layer of ice and push it toward the pavement or the lawn.

  • Snow Shovel 

If you want a quick solution to remove snow immediately, investing in a broad-mouthed shovel can make it easy. You can remove the snow in a couple of minutes and make your driveway ready to use.

  • Salt-Free Ice Melt 

Nothing is better than using a salt-free ice melt product to keep your driveway safe. Spread it before snowfall and see the magic of special surfactants at play. It won’t let the snow stick to the surface, and you can quickly remove the layer using a rake or a shovel. It is also best to ensure your driveway does not stain or crack.

  • Push Snow Broom 

A broad base broom that is ideal for removing a slightly thick layer of snow from the driveway and patio, the push snow broom provides quick relief from immediate snow. It is big, cheap, and tough with an approx. 24-inch width. It won’t scratch the surface, and you can apply pressure to remove the snow.

  • Ice Scraper 

An ice scraper is one of the most useful tools to remove snow from concrete driveways. The movable handle on one end provides a comfortable grip, making removing snow from concrete or any other surface easy.

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When you think of fastest way to melt thick ice,’ besides having different equipment handy, it is best to have a natural ice melt product to help you throughout the season. Concrete driveways require less maintenance, but it does not mean you do not care for them. With several options available in the market to make your life easier, do not wait till the last minute to make your investments. Get hold of your salt-free ice melt product and other equipment today!

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