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Tips For Your Parking Lot Snow Maintenance

Industrial Ice Melt

It can be a real challenge to maintain a clear parking lot in winter. A safe and clear passage is a basic requirement of employees and customers. No matter how easy it may seem it has its challenges. It’s not as easy as pushing it away or spreading salt. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before spreading salt or ice melt on your parking lot.

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In this article, we will discuss the key factors that you must keep in mind while clearing snow from your parking lot.

Material of your Flooring 

The first thing that you must observe is the material of your floor. Your parking lot could be composed of concrete, asphalt, or even bricks.

Many people use salt to get rid of snow. Although it’s a cheap option, it’s certainly not the best one. Here are a few reasons why it can be the worst choice you can make if your parking lot is built of bricks or concrete? Here’s why-

  • Rock salt is essentially sodium chloride and releases the highest amount of chloride when dissolved in water. If you’re thinking of using calcium chloride ice melt industrial, you must know that chloride damages concrete, metal, and bricks. Salt-induced decay can decompose bricks and mortar. 
  • Salts leave crystal deposits on bricks. These deposits, if allowed to seep into brick crevices, can cause “efflorescence.” Efflorescence causes discoloration of bricks, due to which they may look old and worn before they are. 
  • If you’re considering shoveling an option, then you need to be very careful. Shovels with metal blades can chip it off or leave scratches.

So what should you use?

Although you may find most people using salt, there are a few ice melt products that you can put down and forget. Safe Thaw is one such option. It is non-conductive and non-corrosive. There will be no harm to your parking lot, be it made of concrete, asphalt, or bricks. The reason is, this industrial ice melt is composed of natural ingredients and is free from chloride and salt. If you’re planning to purchase calcium chloride ice melt industrial, you should know that Safe Thaw provides traction and can save you from slip and fall liability also. It can cover a large area while giving you a long-lasting residual effect.

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Size of your parking lot

Many people believe that they’ll need large quantities of ice melt to remove snow from large areas. This is not completely false because most of the wholesale ice melt manufacturers are not that effective. Products like Safe Thaw are required in very little quantity due to their efficiency and excellent spread rate. 

Surrounding landscape

If you have a beautiful landscape surrounding your parking area, you need not fear. Your grass, plants, and foliage are safe because Safe Thaw contains all-natural ingredients and is 100% salt-free. It will not hurt animals or the environment and will not cause damage to your building. It is non-toxic and biodegradable with a long shelf life. It’s guaranteed to melt below -2°F. 

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