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Ice Melt For Large Establishments

Wholesale Ice Melt

Preparing for the cold winter months and the inevitable snowfall is an activity that needs attention in the fall or just when summer is about to end. It’s tough to clear pathways or driveways when it snows, and we can only imagine how difficult it would be to clear the premises of large establishments as well. Despite having various ways to clear icy surfaces, ice melt wholesale is one of the most sought-after methods. When there is a rush to purchase the required quantity of products, you find them out of stock. Thus, it is prudent to directly contact your wholesale ice melt dealer and get the required quantity delivered to you. However, before you do that, it is crucial to understand what type of ice melt is suitable for your premise

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There are a couple of options available in the market such as- 

Mixed Chlorides 

Large establishments prefer a mixture of chlorides such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium because they melt ice faster and work at freezing temperatures. They have a preference over other ice melts such as rock salt due to these prominent advantages. 

However, they are chlorides at the end of the day. They are harmful to the flora as well as the concrete. These chlorides are abrasive, and when used excessively, will end up damaging your premises to a great extent.  

Sodium Chloride or Rock Salt 

Rock salt or sodium chloride is probably one of the most common techniques of ice melt. However, just like mixed chlorides, excessive use of rock salt can damage the plant life and grass around the premises

The high salt content is not suitable for the soil and can end up making it barren. It also leaves a whitish residue after it dries. 

Manufactured wholesale ice melt 

These are again a mixture of different types of chloride with an added chemical component in them to improve the effects. 

This ice melt is no different from its counterparts and harms the environment and the soil around the factories, large establishments, commercial premises, etc. 

100% safe wholesale ice melt for large establishments

While there are options to choose from, finding a safe ice melt wholesale in the market is quite rare. But now, you can choose a 100% chloride-free, fast-acting ice melt that will not damage your concrete, corrode your metals, or destroy vegetation. And the best part is, it is pet safe too! 

All you need to do is spread the crystal on the ground and see it dice through the ice in a short span. It penetrates the ice and disallows the reformation of ice molecules, making it last much longer than any other ice melt.

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Using an environment-friendly ice melt wholesale product is excellent for your premises and pets. It is always best to evaluate the choices in the market before making any decision. After all, you need a safe product for you, your pets, your plants, and your premises.  

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