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Ice Melt Corrodes Vehicles? Correct Answer Inside

Chloride Free Ice Melt

Gary loves his truck and goes to all lengths to take care of it. He is particular with maintaining his vehicle and takes necessary precautions every season. So we can only imagine how careful he must be while purchasing ice melt in bulk in bags wholesale, right? 

From saving a couple of dollars by buying everything at once to using it judiciously, you know your vehicles also demand safety. And if it is one used for commercial or business purposes, you need to take care even more.  

While Gary was looking for the best ice melt wholesale near me, he came across an interesting piece of information. It said ‘Ice Melt and Metal: Connected or not?’ It stuck with him and led him to research a little about the different types of ice melt available in the market. Let’s take a quick look at what Gary read. 

Rock salt

It is popularly known as sodium chloride and is the cheapest deicer in town. It melts ice up to 15 degrees Celsius and then converts it to slush or brine. Finally, it is scraped off the ground with the help of a shovel to make it easier to walk. Since high exposure to raw salt is hazardous to plants, animals, concrete, and metal, it is best not to prolong its’ use.

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Yet another powerful combination, blends are commonly used by commercial and business establishments to help battle concrete effects. Since it combines one or more types of chloride with rock salt, the melting temperatures vary hugely. Each chloride is potent and reacts with concrete and metal over time. Hence you have to choose the product wisely before purchasing. 

During his discovery, Gary chanced upon another deicer- Safe Thaw that wasn’t chemical-based! Since Gary was on the lookout for ice melt wholesale near me, this came across as a good option. 

His learnings and reviews led him to discover that Safe Thaw is –

  • 100% non-corrosive and non-conductive. 
  • It does not affect concrete, bricks, asphalt, brick, and wooden surfaces. 
  • It is kid and pet-friendly, making it a safe bet. 
  • It does not need any other supplementary product to help in melting ice effectively. 
  • You can apply post-snowfall or pre-snowfall as it increases surface traction. 
  • It covers more ground in a lesser quantity.  
  • It is 100% safe for vehicles as it does not reactive with metal at all. 

Gary now knows the difference between regular ice melt and natural deicers, helping him make the right decision. 

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


To answer your question: Yes, ice melt corrodes vehicles. Ice melt consists of chemicals, chlorides, and salt that react with the metal. The reaction increases with the presence of moisture in the air.

If your vehicle is not cleaned regularly and maintained well, it will start rusting. So before you purchase your ice melt in bulk, in bags wholesale, check your requirement and read the details before buying a regular chemical-based ice melt! 

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