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Preparing Your Commercial Vehicle For Winter: Top Tips And Things To Check

how to melt ice faster

There is nothing more terrible than to have your vehicle break down in the middle of winter. And if you know the leading cause of concern is your ice melt product, it breaks your heart. The ripple effect that follows- delayed package deliveries, prolonged transits, reduced goods transportation, etc., creates a ruckus backend. We all want solutions and ways how to melt ice faster,’ but without damaging our vehicles, concrete, and surroundings. 

What if we told you a better way to prep your commercial vehicle and deal with winter woes better? What if told you of an ice melt pet friendly that does not harm anything?

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

Let’s take a look at the top 5 tips and things to check in your commercial vehicles before the onset of winters-

Snow tires

With harsh winters around the corner, you need to change your regular tires to snow tires. While they may reduce your miles per gallon, however, they help you to ‘tread’ winters carefully and travel on slippery roads.

Ice melt selection

You have to choose an ice melt that will not harm your commercial vehicle. The best way to ensure this is to purchase environment-friendly ice melt pet friendly products, such as Safe Thaw. Ice melt, such as rock salt, is the #1 reason vehicles get damaged or rusted from underneath because of exposure to chloride-based products.

Battery inspection

The last thing you wish is getting stranded somewhere, anywhere. So inspect your battery before the onset of winter as the battery’s capacity lessens in cold temperatures. Make sure you charge it and have the proper cables handy in case of any emergency.

Remove extra chunks of ice

You must remove the extra chunks of ice from your vehicle before starting your journey. If you are looking at ‘how to melt ice faster tutorials, you can refer to Safe Thaw’s guide and get winter-ready. Keep a scraper and a shovel handy when taking your commercial vehicle out.


Your best companion inside your vehicle is your heater. If your heater is giving you trouble, please fix it before you get stranded or stuck in traffic without a properly functioning heater. ;

But if your premise has ice for most of the winter, then the more significant question arises- how to melt ice faster? 

There are several ice melt products in the market; however, you need something that will not damage your vehicles, rust them, harm your foliage, or burn your pets, if any.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution

Safe Thaw provides you respite from all the adverse side-effects of ice melt with our unique 100% chloride-free, salt-free, patented formula to melt ice. You can quickly create traction with a pound of Safe Thaw on a 100 sq. ft. area and see your concrete remain intact too!

If you are looking for an ice melt pet friendly, one that does not damage vehicles and helps you prep your cars or trucks better for winters, this is it!

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