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Commercial Ice Melt Ingredients To Check

Commercial Ice Melt Ingredients

Ice-melting chemicals are nearly universally used to clear snow and ice from pathways, driveways, and entryways near public buildings. Ice melts are a must for facility maintenance employees who want to obtain safe surfaces in the quickest period and for the lowest total cost.  Many of these products are sold without any information on their chemical make-up. Others include labeling that describes the ice melt ingredients but makes false claims about the products’ abilities.

Ice Melts And How They Work 

All ice melters, in general, work in the same way. They lower the freezing point of ice or snow, turning it into a liquid or semi-liquid slush combination. A powerful brine solution forms when solid chemical salts bore through ice or snow. 

Though most deicing materials act in the same way, their efficacy varies greatly. The melting action’s speed, the quantity of material required, and duration are the determining elements. As a responsible business owner, you need to consider environmental factors also.

Ice Melt Comparison Chart

Type of ice meltEffective temperature (in degree Fahrenheit)Concrete damagePrecautions
Sodium Chloride20HighCan damage concrete, asphalt, metals, bricks, and greenery. Harmful for pets.
Crystalline amide with glycol-2No damageNo damage to concrete, metals, and any other surface. Safe for kids, pets, and plants.
Potassium Chloride25ModerateCan damage grass and plants, dangerous for pets.
Magnesium Chloride-13SignificantCan damage plants and be harmful to pets.
Calcium Chloride-25ModerateCan damage grass and plants
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Time Comparisons 

An ice melter’s effectiveness depends on how rapidly it dissolves.  In their native condition, sodium chloride and potassium chloride are both solids. They will also dissolve into solution when they come into touch with moisture, forming a brine. However, they must absorb heat from the environment to do so. 

Other Considerations 

The amount of material required to complete the undercutting task is another indicator of ice melter efficacy. The volume of ice they can melt in typical temperature conditions over a reasonable period is maybe the best approach to evaluate materials. The length of time an ice melter will deliver deicing activity is a final criterion for its performance. Obviously, the longer the ice melt works, the less frequently it will need to be reapplied.

Ice melters must have a specific form. Rounder particles provide different performance advantages, according to research. Flakes and irregularly shaped granules contact a larger surface area than round particles. As a result, faster penetration and disbondment to the pavement are achieved. 

Environmental Considerations 

The environmental impact of ice melts has received attention, and numerous studies have been undertaken. These concerns, however, must be addressed. You need to look for a solution that will protect you and your business from winter worries but safeguard the environment.


Only materials that naturally form as solids can leave a solid deposit on internal flooring among the materials under consideration. Salt free ice melts, like crystalline amide core with glycol do not harm your indoor floorings. Moreover, this ice melt has a long shelf life and can be stored easily.

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A thorough examination of the performance capabilities of popular ice melting compounds reveals substantial variances. As a result, businesses should make purchase decisions knowing which ice melt ingredients they are selecting.

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