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How To Remove Snow From Your Storefront

pet friendly safe ice melt

Not preparing your store or shop premises with the correct ice melt product can lead to costly repairs later. In addition, you need to ensure that your foliage and pet, if any, are protected and safe from the product you purchase. 

In this article, we will discuss 5 ways to safely remove ice from your storefront.

1- Chemical-free Ice Melt

Safe Thaw is 100% chemical-free ice melt for commercial use. It is a popular choice among business owners and shopkeepers who are concerned about their concrete and the well-being of their visitors.

It is super easy to apply and quick to melt ice in wide areas. It sticks to the surface and its unique formula that deices snow completely. It does not let snow stick to the surface again for at least 72 hours. It is a bulk no salt ice melt you can buy from your nearest Chewy store.

It is completely safe to use around pets and kids. So if you are looking for pet-friendly ice melt in your area, your search ends here. 

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

2- Shoveling 

Another method of removing snow is snow shoveling. 

It is a tedious affair. It’s not easy to shovel a large area spread over a few hundred sq. ft. All you can do is push the snow towards the pavement or a safe spot, clearing the driveway. 

3. Snow blowing 

It is good to clear big spaces or commercial areas but requires physical strength too. If your commercial property is within city limits, they are also responsible for removing the snow. However, you have to pay attention to remove it from time to time. 

Snow blowing makes it easy to remove snow only if you do it methodically.    

4. Plowing 

If shoveling and blowing is not your cup of tea, you can always use plowing to remove the snow from your commercial property. Snowplowing, if done correctly, takes a fraction of the time of shoveling. In case you do not hire a professional snow removal company, you need to ensure you read the instruction manual carefully before operating it. You have to pay attention to proper angle placement, windrowing, back dragging, etc., while using the plow. 

5. Ice melt Spreaders 

While you remove the first layer of snow with the help of shovels or plows, you need high-quality ice melt spreaders, such as Safe Thaw, to help melt the ice completely. In addition, ice melt pellets, liquid deicers, or granules help increase traction and remove the thin layer of ice formed underneath the snow.  

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution

Besides these techniques, you have to ensure- 

  • You keep your ice melt spreaders ready before the onset of winters. 
  • Mark your safe spots around the commercial properties where you can quickly push and pile the snow, without obstructing the view or the driveway. 
  • Do not pile snow near handicapped places as it may inconvenience your commuters, customers, and employees. 
  • Keep your warning flashlights ready in case of any emergency. 

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