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How To Paint An Old Concrete Driveway


how to melt ice off concrete

Painting a driveway is never a bad idea. You can maintain the new look of your old driveway with just a minor repair and paint. As long as your concrete driveway does not have large cracks and holes, it can be painted to give an upgraded look. But in case of severe concrete damage, you must repair it first. After the winter months, you will see that the toxic ice melt chemicals corrode your concrete. Hence, it is vital to know what is safe to melt ice on concrete before deicing products.

Before painting, you must follow specific steps to ensure that your concrete driveway is ready to put the paint on.

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Let us understand all the points step by step:


First, the concrete driveway must be cleared of dust, dirt, and debris. Next, wash the area with a garden hose or pressure washer to remove the tough stains. If the driveway already has old paint that is getting loose and chipped off, it should be scraped off, and then wash the area properly with some soap and water and let it dry.


Once the cleaning and washing are done, the area is dried correctly. Next, do a thorough inspection to ensure no dust or dirt is left over there and mark spots with small cracks that need repair before the paint.


To have smooth paint, ensure all the cracks you marked during an inspection are repaired. Cracks that measure less than ¼ inches wide can be improved by filling the caulk with the help of a caulk gun. Once the gaps are filled with caulk, smooth them out with a putty knife. 


Once you clean and repair the concrete surface, it is time to paint it. Again, avoid the regular paint on the driveway, as it will not last long. Instead, use the specific paint available for concrete driveway for a long-lasting look. Start the color from the driveway’s edges, apply thin film first, and let it dry before you start the next coat.

What Is Safe To Melt Ice On Concrete?

One of the primary reasons your concrete driveways get cracks is to use ice melt products containing salt and chloride. Instead, you should use what is safe to melt ice on concrete, like urea-based deicing products. 

How To Melt Ice Off The Concrete With Safe Thaw?

It is a 100% salt-free, non-toxic and biodegradable product that won’t harm your concrete driveways. In addition, Safe Thaw can melt the ice at a temperature as low as (-2°F). 

Safe Thaw is non-corrosive, non-conductive, and does not damage metal rebar or machinery. Moreover, its concentrated formula assures long-term, maximum effectiveness and long shelf life.

This product’s simplicity meant that you didn’t need to use much of it. It has a sprinkler that makes it easier to disseminate the ice melt and a detailed instruction booklet.

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Painting an old concrete driveway is possible with some repair of cracks. However, it could be protected from crashes if you know what is safe to melt ice on concrete and how to melt ice off concrete without damage to the concrete.

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