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How To Melt Ice On Concrete When The Concrete Is New

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We are constantly working to make our premises accessible and safe, especially during the winter months. But unfortunately, we often unknowingly rely on products that cause more damage to our concrete as winter passes. So, how to melt ice on concrete without damaging it? 

We need to be careful about the ingredients we are using as ice melt, especially if we are owners of new concrete. When looking for bulk ice melt for sale, make sure to check the chloride content as these are highly corrosive and will do irreversible damage to new and old concrete.

Moreover, the chlorides can increase the freeze-thaw cycle, thus causing more damage to the concrete. As the water seeps into the porous surface and freezes, it weakens the layer, thus destroying the smooth surface.

People tend to buy inexpensive rock salt (sodium chloride) as the deicing agent for their businesses. However, it is highly corrosive and can cause significant damage to concrete and machinery, and pose a threat to your locality’s pets and plant life as well.

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Tips on how to melt ice on concrete without damaging it


Snowblowers often cost several hundred dollars. There are, however, many different types of snow blowers to choose from, e.g., gas and electric models or one or two-stage designs. It’s also vital to consider how much snow you regularly get, how heavy the snow is, and how significant an area you need to remove. 

Snow shoveling

Snow shoveling is unpleasant, but it is frequently unavoidable, especially when you cannot use any chemical to melt snow on your new concrete. Moreover, in locations where snow is common, it’s risky to leave even the smallest snowfall unshoveled in your driveway, should it melt and refreeze later. But this process of manually removing snow from the concrete is not only tiresome but time-consuming as well. 

Snow melting mats

They are used to warm up frozen or snowy surfaces. They require an active power source and range from $5,000 to $10,000. Whether you install a hydronic or an electric system, you will use more energy to power the system. Moreover, if the system fails, the driveway may have to be ripped up to be repaired.

Beetroot juice

To avoid using salt-based ice melt on new concrete, some businesses opt for beetroot juice with rock salt as a deicing agent. However, it may leave a faint brown or scarlet stain on the surface. As a result, you’ll have to do extra cleaning every time you use it on your walkway or driveway. 

How to get bulk ice melt for sale for your concrete

Even though we should avoid using any chemical or industrial ice melt on new concrete, once it has crossed its one-year milestone, we need to wisely choose the proper ice melt. 

Salt-based solutions take longer to work, and the crystals frequently stay on the surface of snow and ice for extended periods before penetrating, posing a risk to surfaces and metals. Furthermore, the residue can cause damage to concrete, pavers, lawns, wood, and decks. It can also be tracked indoors, causing carpet and hardwood surface damage.

Hence, you need to opt for salt-free, acetate-free, and natural ice melt to keep your premises safe. Moreover, these chloride-free industrial ice melt have traction agents to avoid slip and fall incidents. 

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When you plan to get a bulk no salt ice melt for your business, you will ensure the safety of your concrete and machinery and the well-being of pets, plants, and the environment.

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