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How To Deice Steep Driveways To Prevent Any Accident


ice melt safe for concrete

The driveway is the first thing you walk on while entering your home and the last when you step out. Each of these times, you are putting yourself at risk of falling or slipping, amounting to an accident. In all this time, you may wonder – is there an ice melt safe for concrete for you? While several products in the market speak of compositions, mixtures, and blends, a few offer you respite from the thin layer of ice.

Rock salt is one of the most common ways to deice regular or steep driveways. The only roadblock is that it creates a slush and leaves an unwanted residue. To answer the dilemma of what is safe for concrete to melt ice, Safe Thaw has come with a unique urea-modified product that is 100% environmentally friendly and safe on any surface. It comprises ice melting boosters, special surfactants, and glycols, making your driveway and landscape safe.

Safe Thaw - Best Ice Melt For Asphalt

Safe Thaw

Safe Thaw was created as the ice management solution for tough winter environments. Ideal in commercial and industrial properties, shops, government agencies, bridges, and construction.

So, how can you deice steep driveways to prevent any accident?


You can use sand as an alternative to any salt or chloride-based products. They temporarily make walking on icy concrete surfaces easier and save you from an accident. But after the ice melts, they form a watery slush that flows into the storm drains and may block it. The expense of removing the sand from the driveway later may be quite high.

Driveway Heat Mats 

These are removable heat mats that can be spread on your driveway to prevent you from falling. They do not need any installation and can be removed after use. It keeps the ice from forming, but the initial investment can be high. So, if you ask, ‘what is safe for concrete to melt ice?’ this can be added to your list.

Warm Water 

Another home remedy to deice steep driveways is to pour warm water on the surface to melt the ice. It immediately melts the ice, but you have to remove the water immediately because there are chances of a thin layer of ice forming again, especially if the temperature is extremely cold. They can help you prevent accidents by removing the initial layer, and you will be safe from falls and injury.

Safe Thaw 

If you are wondering, ‘is there an ice melt safe for concrete?’ this one is for you. It not only removes the excess layer of ice from the driveway, but it does not stick to the surface or your shoes. It is safe for your vegetation as the urea-modified product acts as a plant booster.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


While there may not be one answer to your question- is there an ice melt safe for concrete, there are several options you can explore. While some may or may not prevent an accident, using a natural urea-modified ice melt with ice melting boosters may solve your winter problems. So, if you are wondering ‘what is safe for concrete to melt ice’ and which ones to use to deice your steep driveways, you have your choices before you.

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