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Black Ice On The Driveway – Do This Immediately


safe for concrete to melt ice

Black ice is the worst. Not only does it make us slip and slide all over the place, but it’s also extremely dangerous to drive on. You don’t want your car to be the next one to hit a patch of black ice and end up in a ditch somewhere. Luckily, there are ways that you can use to remove black ice from your driveway so that you can continue with your day without any worries of falling flat on your face. In this article, we’ll discuss the most effective ways to get rid of black ice and also how to melt ice without damaging concrete.


Shoveling is the first step to getting rid of snow and ice from your driveway. Use a shovel to remove as much snow as possible from the driveway, sidewalk, and roof. If it’s too heavy for you to carry on your own, consider using an extra pair of hands or even renting a snow blower (which can be much faster than shoveling). If there is any ice left after removing all the snow, use an ice scraper to remove it before driving back over those areas again.

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Safe Thaw

Safe Thaw was created as the ice management solution for tough winter environments. Ideal in commercial and industrial properties, shops, government agencies, bridges, and construction.

Safe Thaw Ice Melt

Safe thaw ice melt is a safe alternative to salt and can help prevent damage to your driveway, sidewalks, and walkways. Safe Thaw contains no salt or calcium chloride and is the best ice melt for concrete surfaces. Safe Thaw is a urea-modified product with special surfactants, glycols, ice melting boosters, and inhibitors. It reduces the risk of any injury caused by slipping, skidding, or falling on ice. The quick-acting ingredients are ideal for pre-application and post-application on snow and icy surfaces.

This product will not burn plants or grass when used as directed because it contains no corrosive chemicals as salt does. It is safe for pets even if they consume some of this chemical after it has been applied to your driveway, sidewalk, or walkway.

Hence if you are looking for the answer to what is safe for concrete to melt ice– the clear winner is Safe Thaw ice melt.

Traction Magic

Traction Magic is a product that you can apply on your driveway to get instant traction on the surface. It increases the friction so you can safely walk even on the black ice layer. Traction Magic can be used on concrete, asphalt, and gravel driveways. This product is safe for pets and children. It is also environmentally-friendly.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution

Hot Water

If you have a garden hose, you can use hot water to remove black ice from your driveway. You’ll have to fill your garden hose with enough hot water to cover the area of the driveway that has black ice. Leave it on for at least 5 minutes and then check the progress. If it’s not loosening up, leave it on longer or apply more heat.

If you’re worried about damaging your concrete driveway, don’t worry! The only thing that might happen is some discoloration where there was once black ice—it will go away when the sun hits it again next spring!

Here in this article, you learned what is safe for concrete to melt ice and the most effective ways to get rid of dangerous black ice from the driveway.

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