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Don’T Want To Damage Your Concrete Driveway With Salt? Use This Instead


melt ice on concrete without salt

We spend countless hours dealing with stains on the driveway, and any residual impact salt-based products may have had. One of the main questions plaguing our minds at the end of the season is how to melt ice on concrete without salt. With cost implications hovering over our heads, we find it difficult to tackle this with ease.

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Safe Thaw was created as the ice management solution for tough winter environments. Ideal in commercial and industrial properties, shops, government agencies, bridges, and construction.

There are several ice melt products available in the market. From calcium chloride ice melt to potassium chloride ice melt, there is nothing we wouldn’t try. But to no avail. Safe Thaw introduced a 100% natural ingredient-based ice melt product several years ago to battle winter woes and made homeowners sigh relief. The urea-modified product with super ice melting boosters helps remove thin icy layers from any concrete driveway without harming it. It comprises special glycols and unique surfactants with a proprietary patented ice-melt ingredient that can quickly melt ice on any surface.

But if you have been used to applying salt on the concrete driveway, what are the other methods with which you can remove the ice without damaging the surface?

Here are a few ways to do just that.

  • Warm Water

While this is a temporary solution, you can pour warm to hot water on your icy driveway and melt the ice. It is best to immediately use a shovel and clear the melted ice from the surface and push it aside onto the landscape. This will ensure your driveway becomes clean immediately with minimal impact.

  • Sand

It is one of the least favorable ingredients to clear ice off the concrete driveway. However, it can be used as an alternative to salt in difficult circumstances. Once you spread the sand on the icy surface, it will turn to slush, and you can scrape the entire ice off the concrete with a shovel. We suggest you make a heap of it in one corner till the ice dries. It will help you collect the sand and put them in bags later. It will avoid blockage of drain pipes.

  • Calcium Chloride Ice Melt

Another popular method of clearing ice off the driveway without salt is by using calcium chloride. It has minimal impact on the driveway surface and does not completely harm the vegetation. Several homeowners prefer using calcium chloride ice melt to help wade through winters, even though it is slightly expensive.

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While we have highlighted the above methods instead of salt, the best way to melt ice is by using Safe Thaw urea-modified ice melt product. It is safe, patented, has excellent ice-melting properties, and does not harm children, pets, or vegetation. It does not block drain pipes and can be stored easily in airtight containers in the garage. It does not cause skin irritation and nor does it harm your body. So instead of calcium chloride ice melt or any other chloride-based product, you may want to try Safe Thaw to ease your winter woes.

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