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Which Ice Melt For Concrete Pavers Is Safe?


ice melt for concrete pavers

Businesses as well as homeowners nowadays prefer deicing using safe components that can cover the most surface area with the least amount of product. These natural ice melts function similarly to salt. Still, they have a more comprehensive temperature range, persist longer on wet surfaces to prevent re-icing, and are safe for all surfaces.

But not all ice melt products are created equal. Not all ice melt for concrete pavers is safe.

Safe Thaw - Best Ice Melt For Asphalt

Safe Thaw

Safe Thaw was created as the ice management solution for tough winter environments. Ideal in commercial and industrial properties, shops, government agencies, bridges, and construction.

Ice Melt For Concrete Pavers

  • Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt) 

Rock salt is a traditional ice melt available at a lower price. Still, it cannot perform at a temperature below 25 °F, and it can damage the concrete due to freeze-induced expansion pressure built during freeze/thaw cycles of the ice melt process, leaving a white powdery residue.

  • Calcium Chloride 

It is relatively less harmful and performs faster than Rock Salt at a low temperature of -25 °F. Calcium chloride is less toxic to the vegetation; however, it is still detrimental to concrete and metal as it leaches out moisture and some chemicals, leaving a white powdery residue.

  • Magnesium Chloride 

It is expensive and preferred for domestic use only due to its pet-safe quality. However, it is ineffective at shallow temperatures and can work at a minimum of -5°F temperature. In addition, magnesium chloride is a water-based product that is only 48% active and becomes ineffective quickly. Such ice melt ruins concrete.

  • Urea 

Urea is commonly known as a fertilizer but is also one of the best ice melt. It combines carbon dioxide and ammonia and contains 46% Nitrogen. As a result, urea is the safest deicer and an excellent choice for people who want to avoid salt and chloride’s side effects on concrete pavers.

Safe Thaw: Safest Ice Melt For Concrete Pavers

Using natural ice melt on concrete instead of rock salt is safest. Safe Thaw ice melt is a patented mixture of biological and anti-corrosion agents with biodegradable and environmentally-friendly chemicals. 

Safe thaw does not contain magnesium or calcium chloride, making it non-hygroscopic. As a result, it is safe for concrete, machinery, and vehicles.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Thanks for reading our guide on which ice melt for concrete pavers is safe. Hopefully, we’ve answered some of the questions you might have had about de-icing your driveway. In conclusion, salting concrete pavers isn’t a good idea because it can damage them over time and make them look worse than they did before.

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