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Do You Really Need Snow Removal Services?

how to melt ice without salt

Snow is heavy, and the harsh cold that comes with it permeates into the bones and the inside workings of structures and concrete. Property can be damaged by the cold, snow, and by harmful salt components of ice melt. To safeguard your property, you need to know how to melt ice without salt to withstand a tough winter.

How well do you know how to remove snow? Do you know when it’s time to hire a snow removal service? Consider how long it’ll take to plow your parking lot. Is shoveling part of your snow removal service? There are lots of questions that arise when we are thinking about snow removal from our business premises. Let us know how to use a safe industrial ice melt and why it is the best option for your business.

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Why Is Ice Melt Better Than Snow Removal Services?

Snow removal services frequently do not include shoveling sidewalks. If this is critical to you, you must express your desire to include that extra line. Not all snow plowing companies will be aware that you require this service. As a result, if you have sidewalks that need to be cleaned, you must request that they be added to your snow and ice contract. With ice melt, you can use it any time on any surface based on weather and footfall.

Many people have had unpleasant encounters with snow removal services trampled on something they shouldn’t, knocked over decorations, or otherwise caused havoc. 

If there are any flower beds or other areas where you don’t want the plow to go that aren’t easily visible under a thick blanket of snow, then use reflective and brightly colored markers to delineate the area. Make sure you double-check the location of the marks to ensure there will be no harm to your property. 

Snow removal companies aren’t always picky about where they dump the snow. It is especially true if your driveway runs alongside a lawn or other place where clearing isn’t required. A natural, salt-free ice melt can melt ice effectively. You can also use the residue as a growth promoter for your greenery.

How To Melt Ice Without Salt?

Sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and other chloride are found in almost all ice melts on the market. Sodium chloride and other minerals like magnesium and calcium make up the majority of them. They can corrode concrete, metal furniture, and automobiles, as well as injure pets and plants. 

The safest way to clear snow is urea-based ice melt. It is the safest and most pet-friendly solution for clearing snow. One of the only ice melts that assure safety around children and pets is the crystalline amide-based solution. A unique glycol admixture and traction ingredient are infused into the modified crystalline amide core. When the outer layer comes into contact with snow, the outer layer fights instantly, while the crystal core gently penetrates to remove all snow and ice.

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Fresh snowfall is a delightful sight, but it necessitates fast action for a business owner. When a storm strikes, employees, customers, and suppliers must have access to safe sidewalks and parking lots as soon as possible. Hence, your business needs to remain free from snow, and the best solution is safe industrial ice melt.

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