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Concrete Vs Asphalt Driveways – Differences, Cost, Maintenance


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There’s nothing worse than wanting a new driveway but not knowing the best option for you. Many people choose between asphalt and concrete simply based on cost, but there are many other factors to consider when making this decision. There are significant differences in the cost of maintenance and the lifespan of each material that you should know about before making your final decision. And if you are wondering what type of ice melt is safe for roofs and driveways, then we’ll discuss that in this article.


A concrete driveway is more expensive than an asphalt driveway but it lasts longer. On average, a concrete driveway will last about 50 years before needing to be repaired or replaced. An asphalt driveway will only last about 20-25 years in good condition before needing repairs or replacement. Concrete does not absorb water like asphalt, which has two main benefits: firstly, concrete will never sink or develop cracks in areas where moisture gets trapped under the surface; secondly, concrete is less prone to forming potholes or developing ruts over time.

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Concrete may sound like it’s just for large commercial buildings and the like, but homeowners can also choose from a variety of colors and finishes when it comes to this material for their home’s exterior. If you go with a colored concrete finish that has been stamped into the surface of your driveway, it will provide some traction for snowmobiles as well as cars during winter months without having to worry about any damage being done by those hard tires touching down on hot pavement surfaces during warmer seasons!


Asphalt driveways are generally cheaper because they’re easier to install. However, they require more frequent maintenance thanks to weather conditions such as rainstorms which inevitably cause cracks over time. Another factor includes tree roots growing underneath them which causes pressure points where water can collect after rainfall events occur throughout summertime months here in North America.


Concrete is more expensive than asphalt. Concrete requires much more skill and effort of contractors compared with laying down an asphalt driveway since it takes longer to install correctly without any mistakes causing problems later down the road.

The Right Option Depends On Your Budget And Preferences

If you’re torn between concrete and asphalt, the best way to make your final decision is to consider your budget and preferences. Concrete is more expensive than asphalt, but it lasts longer and doesn’t require as much maintenance. It also provides better resale value because it keeps its appearance longer than asphalt.

Asphalt is easier to maintain than concrete—you don’t have to seal or resurface it as often—but it doesn’t last quite as long. 

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When it comes to driveways, the choice is yours. Concrete and asphalt are both great options that provide a durable surface for your garage or driveway. The initial cost of concrete is higher, but it’s also less expensive over time than blacktop because there’s no maintenance needed other than keeping your driveway clean and free from debris.

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