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What Is The Need For Ice Melt In The United Kingdom


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​​When we think of winter weather, most of us think about the snow. This is quite understandable, as it’s the most obvious element of cold weather. However, there are other things that can cause disruption to people’s lives and leave them struggling to get around – such as heavy snow and ice on roads or pavements. In this article, we will explore why ice melt products are required in the UK.

The United Kingdom is a snow-prone country with an average of 23.7 days of snowfall or sleet a year (1981 – 2010). In fact, London averages over 100 days of snowfall per year!

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According to the Real Weather Forecast, a cold start to UK winter and a very unsettled Autumn 2022 is expected in 2022 as the La Niña event should be in full swing by October.

According to the Department for Transport, there are roughly 130 accidents caused by snow every day in the UK. 

That’s why it’s important to have a good ice melt and traction agent on hand. Your ice scraper isn’t going to help you much when stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way out of your car! And if an accident happens while someone is driving their car, without proper traction devices, that can result in serious injury.

To avoid injuries and medical costs.

The winter season is here, and it’s important to remember the hazards that come with it. If you fail to clear your sidewalks of snow and ice during this time, you could be liable for injuries and medical costs. 

Slips and falls are dangerous, and they can cause serious injuries. If someone slips and falls on ice, they could injure their back or knee, break an ankle or wrist—even damage internal organs if the fall causes your head to hit something hard enough. 

Slips and falls can also cost a lot of money: if you have to go to the hospital for treatment or miss work because of an injury, it’s going to put a dent in your wallet.

Ice melt can help prevent these potential problems by melting away snow and ice from your walkways, so everyone stays safe—and out of the hospital!

For safer driving conditions.

Ice melt is a great way to ensure safe driving conditions. Ice melt products help prevent accidents and damage to vehicles, property, and people. Without it, you would spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs because of an accident!

Prevents property damage

Third, using ice melt makes sense financially because it helps prevent property damage costs like broken windows or damaged roofs – which would otherwise cost much more.

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The main point here is that ice melt products are an essential part of winter maintenance. 

The need for a deicer in the United Kingdom cannot be ignored. With so many different types of weather, it is imperative to find something that can keep your driveway clear for you throughout the year.

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