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Use This Ice Melt For Your Community Center’S Roof


ice melt best for concrete

Various improper methods for removing ice from the roof might harm the shingles and impair the roof’s capacity to shed water. It is beneficial to refrain from using chemicals on your community center’s top. For example, many ice-melt products combine salt with other chemicals to increase the salt’s effectiveness as a de-icing agent. Unfortunately, these corrosive chemicals can cause extensive damage to shingles and nails. Therefore, you need to understand what type of ice melt is safe for roofs.

For example, using a pick, shovel, or other equipment to chip away at the ice is not intelligent. It might melt the ice, but it could also harm the shingles. These salts can also damage driveways and walkways as they accumulate in these areas.

Additionally, the subsequent ice dam in this location will probably exploit any cracks or openings in the roof that your roofers made. Water may accumulate in these fissures when the snow melts, freezes, and expands, a leak could develop as a result of this damage. Therefore, using a natural ice melt best for concrete and a roof for happy winters is recommended.

Safe Thaw - Best Ice Melt For Asphalt

Safe Thaw

Safe Thaw was created as the ice management solution for tough winter environments. Ideal in commercial and industrial properties, shops, government agencies, bridges, and construction.

What Type Of Ice Melt Is Safe For Roofs?

Although more specialized ice dam ice-melt tablets are available, they are not advised for asphalt roofs. Sadly, some of these substances can harm asphalt shingles, mainly if applied to the top for an extended period. In addition, their use may void the manufacturer’s limited guarantee. 

People are therefore looking for simpler answers to the issue, especially ones that won’t cause any more damage. Many seek the best ice melt solutions that won’t hurt their pets, the environment, or even their property, like roofs. Safe Thaw is the ice melt that works best on roofs. 

When rock salt is applied to your roof, on the other hand, it can hurt you. The nails fastening your shingles to your roof may deteriorate due to rock salt. Your roof may then develop streaks and stains due to rust. 

In addition to damaging sidewalks and driveways where the melted salt collects, it can corrode downspouts. 

Safe Thaw: Ice Melt Is Best For Concrete And Roof

A modified crystalline amide core, glycol admixture, and traction agents are the essential components of Safe Thaw. Its outer layer quickly melts and liquefies, shattering the ice surface. After entering the ice structure, the crystalline amide core of Safe Thaw is broken down for quicker melting.

It also remains on the surface of paths and stairs after the ice has melted, even in below-freezing temperatures, to provide you with secure, reliable ice-resistance footing. This solution can be used before and after a snowstorm to prevent the snow from sticking to the ground. 

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Using Safe Thaw, you may safely remove snow and ice accumulation from the roof of your community center without running the risk of endangering the top, the structure, or yourself.

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