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Commercial Ice Melt Buying Guide


buy commercial ice melt in bulk

Winters are approaching fast. With the white beauty, we are reminded of the winter woes including, clearing snow and dealing with the slip and fall accidents on your premises,

Ice melt products are super helpful in our fight against the snow. Salt and calcium chloride are common constituents of most products. Several blended melters, a mixture of chemicals, have found their way into the arsenals of snow fighters over the previous two decades. However, we must not forget that we still have safer options that are salt-free and chloride-free. It will keep snow away from your premises while keeping it safe.

It is important to note what marketers of the ice melt are claiming about their products because they can be sometimes inaccurate and misleading. Some brands round off the particles of chemicals and call themselves to be a pet-safe products. Some brands claim their product to be effective at a temperature of -30 to 35F. It appears on the packaging, product marketing, and literature even though the chemical constituents do not melt below +10F.

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Here’s what to look for when you buy your ice melt in bulk:

1. Components

Chloride-free ice melt is free from toxic chemicals. A natural, salt-free ice melt is non-corrosive and non-conductive. It is important to check the ingredients of your commercial ice melt before buying ice melt in bulk.

The ice melter that stays in the ice and snow can flow down with the meltwater into the porous ground and enter groundwater or continue to discharge to bigger bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and streams when the earth thaws. Any substance that depletes oxygen in the water might be harmful to aquatic life. So, be a responsible business and take care of your employees, infrastructure, and the environment.

2. Packaging of your ice melt 

While purchasing your ice melt salt in bulk, the packaging is also important.

If you have any leftover product after you’ve used it, you should make sure that it is stored away from sunlight and moisture. Many varieties of ice melt absorb moisture from the air if left exposed. The ice melt can also become brittle as a result of exposure to air and sunlight. Therefore packaging matters a lot.

3. Form of the ice melt

Finally, the last thing on the list that you should check is the form of the ice melt. The form is important as it determines when you should use that ice melt. Liquid ice melt is used as a pre-applicant to prevent the ice build-up; however, it is not helpful if applied after a snowstorm or if applied too early. There is a time frame that needs to be kept in mind. 

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One should be careful about the ice melt they’re using on their premises. Using an ice melter that is inadequate or unsuitable for your purposes could result in significant consequences. By going through the ingredients, working process, and recommendations you can get a product that will meet your requirements.

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