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Cities Are Cutting The Salt From Their Roads- What Can They Use Instead

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Plows put down a lot of salt on roads and other surfaces this time of year, in addition to clearing snow and ice off roads. So why do people put salt on their streets? It’s as easy as that: salt lowers the freezing point of water, preventing ice formation. Rock salt, which is table salt in its purest form, is used as road salt. But it is not a safe ice melt option. Then how to melt ice faster without causing any damage to infrastructure and the environment. Let’s find out more about rock salt alternatives.

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Rock Salt And Its Disadvantages

The main distinction is that table salt undergoes a lengthy purifying process, whereas rock salt does not. As a result, contaminants remain in rock salt, so it is brownish or gray in appearance.

It has a significant influence on the environment as well as our infrastructure. Salt can destroy bridges, roads, buildings, and other infrastructure. Many other objects are harmed by the corrosion and destruction caused by rock salts. The rusting of vehicles and transportation infrastructure is also a result of road salt. 

It is also harmful to local wildlife and domestic animals. Rock salt is highly detrimental to aquatic life and ecosystems and affects local animals and nature when utilized in large quantities. 

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Safe Alternatives

  • Snow melting mats

Snow melting mats, like outdoor rugs, are designed to be placed in high-traffic areas to help remove snow, sleet, and ice. However, they are small and consume electricity. Thus they require an active power source. During the winter, this entails a more significant energy cost. 

  • Urea

Urea has excellent deicing and snow removal qualities commonly used in fertilizer manufacturing. The best part is that it is created organically, which means it is less damaging to the environment and everything else. You can opt for an industrial ice melt with urea as the main ingredient. It will neither damage your property nor metals.

  • Electric And Gas-powered Snow Blowers

Electric and gas-powered snow blowers are only suitable for smaller properties and common areas, but they can help remove snow. However, one significant disadvantage is that they do not operate well on ice or extensive stretches of icy areas. 

  • Cat litter

Sometimes known as kitty litter, it is used for deicing a variety of surfaces. The problem with this alternative is that it causes a mess and is difficult to clean.

  • Sand 

It offers traction on slick surfaces and roadways. It can, however, be aggravating at times since it can make a neighborhood dirtier and cause vehicles to become filthy—but this is not a problem unique to sand.

  • Potassium Chloride 

It is a mineral that may be found in most supermarkets in pellets. While the material isn’t perfect, it is substantially less detrimental to the environment. But, unfortunately, it costs roughly twice as much as rock salt, and you’ll need almost twice as much to cover the same area. 

  • Calcium Chloride

 Its qualities make it far more effective than rock salt, especially when melting solid ice. On the other hand, calcium chloride is not as prevalent and is much more expensive than most of the other options, including rock salt.


Salty runoff pollutes groundwater, endangering human health and harming vegetation and crops, among other things. In addition, rock salt can erode or damage masonry and many types of stone, including concrete. Using an industrial safe ice melt can safeguard our property, machinery, and environment from toxic chemicals.

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