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What’s Better For Your Business? An Ice Melt Or Common Salt?

Bulk No Salt Ice Melt

Winter can get very arduous, especially with constantly accumulating ice and snow. The safety of people and equipment is of prime importance during dreary winter months. Clearing those snowy pathways, icy patches, and slippery icy surfaces can get overwhelming, if not tedious, at the least. The biggest question remains – How to melt ice quickly? How can we procure bulk no salt ice melt without damaging our environment? Which method is better for larger premises, such as warehouses, railway stations, commercial spaces- regular common salt, ice melt, rock salt, or any other method? 

But before we figure out the best, we need to understand what is the difference between all of them. 

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Rock Salt 

It is a chemical composition of sodium chloride that supercharges the ice/snow, reacts with it, heats it, and finally melts it. It lowers the freezing point of ice, thus, making the surface less slippery. 

It has large particles and is quite granular, making it difficult to absorb all the ice/snow. It may provide instant traction to ice and snow, but it does not serve a long-term purpose.  

Common Salt 

It lowers the freezing point of ice by smoothly dissolving it. Since it is smooth and not grainy like its counterpart (rock salt), it quickly absorbs more ice and helps in providing better surface traction. 

Common salt or table salt completely dissociates into positive and negative ions in water from a scientific standpoint. The more you add, the more water it will absorb until there is no more water to soak. Common salt proves better only in comparison with rock salt. 

It is best to remember, excessive salt in the soil can be harmful to plants, pets and damage concrete as well.  

Chemical-based Ice Melt 

Chloride ice melt products are used for commercial places and large premises such as railway stations, bus stations, etc. Before buying a no salt ice melt in bulk it’s good to know the negative impact of using chloride on concrete. Moreover, chloride is also not safe to use around kids and pets. 

Acetate ice melt has a magical effect on melting snow and ice and increasing the traction of slippery surfaces. They are pet-safe ice melt and do not harm the environment either. Although it is a useful alternative, it is slightly more expensive. Commercial establishments will need to consider this aspect while making a purchase. 

100% salt and chemical-free ice melt

Another unique way to thaw or melt ice is by using a specific crystal ice melt that easily dices the ice. It takes the melting process a step further by disallowing the water molecules to refreeze or form icy crystals. It is a pet safe ice melt bulk product helpful for large commercial premises, industrial set-ups, and residential areas. It is environment-friendly and does not damage concrete over time either. 

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Before you think of purchasing a no salt ice melt in bulk, it is best to evaluate the available options to make an informed decision. There may be many products in the market, however, looking at a bigger picture will help discern whether they are pet-friendly, concrete-safe, and environmentally friendly. 

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