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Budgeting For Your Concrete Driveway Maintenance? Read THIS First…


how to melt ice fast on driveway

Everybody wants to enhance the outer beauty of their house by installing a gorgeous driveway. But the first thing to know before getting a concrete driveway is how much it will cost. Where a basic concrete driveway costs only $4 to $8 per square foot, a decorative concrete driveway may cost up to $18 per square foot. So let us learn more about the cost involved in a concrete driveway and keep it safe by understanding how much ice melt for the driveway is good. 

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Types Of Concrete Driveways 

Standard concrete driveway

The primary concrete driveway can be built at $4 – $8 per square foot. No designs and colors are used in this type of driveway.

Stained concrete driveway

Stained concrete driveways are decorated with colors and borders. This kind of installation costs from $8 – $12

Stamped concrete driveway

This installation is done with a high-quality texture imprinted on the concrete or stone and may cost from $12 to $18.

Standard Concrete Driveway Cost Calculation
No. of CarsDriveway DimensionTotal areaCost Range
One10X20 ft.200 sq. ft.$800 – $1600
One12X24 ft.288 sq. ft.$1150 – $2300
Two20X20 ft.400 sq. ft.$1600 – $3200
Two24X24 ft.576 sq. ft.$2300 – $4600
Three24X36 ft.864 sq. ft.$3450 – $6900
Three30X30 ft.900 sq. ft.$3600 – $7200

Factors That Can Affect The Driveway Cost

Some factors can affect the cost of your driveways, like size, thickness, design, labor, lumber price, and finish. Unfortunately, most people are concerned about how to melt ice fast on driveways, and they apply salt. But it proves to be a very harmful choice for your concrete as chloride-based ice melts are highly corrosive.

Another factor that increases the cost is the removal of the old driveway, and a contractor may charge $1 – $4 depending on the level of work required. Usually, driveways last 30 to 40 years, but they can last up to 50 years depending on how you take proper care of your concrete.

Sealing is a part of the finish and protects your concrete driveways from weather and heavy traffic effects. Depending on the stain selection, it will add another cost of $0.5 to 2.5.

How Much Ice Melt For The Concrete Driveway Is Needed

Your choice of ice melt affects its protection and long life, ultimately saving a cost. For example, chloride-based ice melts on the concrete driveways, which is harmful and can reduce its life. In contrast, Safe Thaw, a urea-based ice melt, is gentle to your concrete driveways, machinery, and vehicles. 

A little of this safe industrial ice melt is enough to keep your driveway ice-free. In contrast, you need more significant amounts of other ineffective ice melt to melt a similar amount of ice. It is also the best ice melt for the environment and pets and is people-friendly.

Safe Thaw has special surfactants that spread faster, covering the maximum area with low quantity. Its inhibitors control the reformation of ice at a lower temperature and give protection from corrosion. Unique boosters enhance the overall performance for better results. It is 100% salt and chloride free and gentle on your concrete, machinery, and property. 

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A urea-based ice melt can give a longer life to your driveways while maintaining their shine and saving your cost. Safe Thaw is the perfect solution to your worry about how to melt ice fast on driveways and preserve the long life of your driveways. 

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