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Ice Melt For Fast Removal Of Snow From Your Facility Area


Ice Melt For Fast Removal Of Snow

Facility management is one of the most challenging jobs during winter. You not only have to ensure the snow doesn’t stick, but you also have to take care of traction and skidding. And if you have a guard dog or dogs on the premises, investing in a paw-safe ice melt becomes a must. 

Since you constantly move facility grounds, you have to deploy a team of people to keep it clear every time it snows. 

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

It would help to have a facility management checklist to ensure your building or buildings do not suffer any damage or injure people walking around. And all the checks and balances need to happen before the onset of winter. What can you do? 

Roofs: You need to check the top of all your facility buildings. You need to fix any leaky or damaged roof with the help of roofing specialists. Whether you have a flat roof or a slanting one, you have to service them before the onset of winter. Gutters are equally vital when maintaining any roof. You have to ensure your gutters and storm drains are clear of any debris or leaves. 

Snow removal equipment: The best way to remove ice and snow from your facility grounds is to have all the right equipment ready. You need to ensure you have paw-safe ice melt in case of a dog or dogs on the premise so that the ice melt does not injure their paws. Keeping a shovel, plow, carts, mowers, environment-friendly ice melt, etc., will help you prepare better. 

Pipelines: Come winter, you have a high possibility of pipes freezing too because of the low temperatures. It can lead to water freezing inside the lines and causing icicles around them. How can you protect your pipes? Cover it with insulating materials that will help the water flow freely inside and not freeze it. It is best to speak with construction specialists to help you deal with this better

Now that we know a few quick ways to check our facility, do you know what melt ice the fastest then? 

Safe Thaw is your 100% natural, salt-free, and environment-friendly ice melt available in the market today. It is USNSC approved and is effective in harsh weather conditions as well. With the proprietary non-corrosive ingredients, Safe Thaw is safe to handle and does not harm concrete, decking materials, pavers, and asphalt either. 

It is guaranteed to melt the ice all around your facility, even at sub-zero temperatures! Isn’t that awesome! And if you have a pet dog on the premises, you can rest assured of not harming the pet in any way. As a paw-safe ice melt product, it will not burn your pet’s paws nor poison them, unlike other corrosive materials such as rock salt. 

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution

As a facility manager, you have one of the most versatile and paw-safe ice melt products at your disposal. If you are looking at keeping your facility grounds safe and clear of snow and ice, this is the product for you! 

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