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Is Safe Thaw Safe For Removing Ice Dams?

Ice Melt For Ice Dams

If we thought driveways, pavers, and pathways were a concern, we have something else to worry about as well—the roof. Prepping for winters not only requires gathering the correct snow removal tools but getting our hands on the best industrial-strength ice melt ingredients that will help us smoothen the season.

Most industrial units or commercial spaces have flat roofs. Therefore, it is vital to keep them clean before the onset of winter. Any accumulation of debris, dried leaves, or clogged drains can later lead to more significant problems. It further leads to the formation of ice dams that may require extensive repairs. 

Does Ice Melt Help In Removing Ice Dams? 

Ice melt is best applied before a snowstorm or a blizzard to avoid the snow sticking to the surface. While we may follow this for our driveways and open spaces, it will help to follow a similar approach for your roof. Every roof has a gutter system that allows the free movement of rainwater and melted snow to keep your roofs from clogging. 

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

.If you are an industrial owner or own a commercial space, you know the challenges that arise with flat roofs. With limited free-flow of water movement, you need to pay attention to the slight slope direction on your roof to help the melted ice go down the storm drain. By applying eco-friendly ice melt, you are preparing the ice to melt quickly and avoid the formation of ice dams as it does not allow the reformation of ice for at least three days. 

What Are The Industrial-strength Ice Melt Ingredients? 

Of the several ice melt products available in the market, one that stands out is Safe Thaw. It is a 100% environment-friendly ice melt and is considered the best ice melt for concrete. It was conceptualized to keep other products’ safety hazards on the environment, pets, and kids. 

It comprises modified carbonyl diamide crystal, special glycols, proprietary traction agents, non-ionic surfactants, particular inhibitors, and a unique color variation giving it a distinct identity. Safe Thaw ingredients work on any surface and help remove ice dams. They prevent the formation of ice dams that can lead to severe damage later. Safe Thaw not only melts the ice but also keeps the roof clean for a longer time. 

You can spread Safe Thaw anywhere you need ice and snow to melt. Once the granules hit the surface, they cut through the ice and destabilize it. Thus, it not only works wonders on driveways and pavers but also on roofs. 

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Winters can get troublesome if we are not prepared or equipped to handle them well. With the industrial-strength ice melt ingredients such as modified carbonyl diamide, you know your commercial space and its roof is in safe hands. It is formulated to perform in the most challenging weather conditions and helps you avoid several dollars in repairs that may not have been possible with regular ice melt. 
It is the best ice melt for concrete as it does not leave any residue, does not harm any industrial equipment or metallic and asphalt surface, and is 100% chloride and salt-free. With Safe Thaw, you know your roof and premises are in safe hands. 

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