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Read THIS Before Buying Ice Melt Wholesale


ice melt wholesale

Surviving winters are challenging for businesses. Not only are they responsible for keeping their premises free from the snow but also protecting their employees and visitors from slip and fall. Many business owners buy rock salt and chemical ice melt wholesale only to realize later that they do more harm than good. 

An increasing number of companies are waking up to the reality that salt and chloride-based ice melt damage the property and have irreparable consequences. As a result, they are opting for better and safer ice melts. 

Let us understand more about the safer ways of melting ice from your premises.

Buy Ice Melt in Wholesale

While buying ice melt for your premises keep in mind the quantity you may need. You will need ice melt for pretreating the surface, using it more than once while it’s snowing, and using it after the snowfall. You can use ice melts to remove snow or ice and boost traction. Pre-treatment pavements with enough salt-free ice melt help clear ice and prevent snow from sticking, requiring less deicer afterward. For this purpose, you can buy ice melt wholesale as it will be a budget-friendly choice.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

Use Paw Safe Ice Melt

Most industrial ice melt consists of chloride salts, like sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride. These ice melts are harmful to your driveway, pavements, and pets if you have any. It also penetrates your concrete’s porous surface and settles inside, more or less permanently. 

These chloride-based products are not pet-friendly and may cause problems like skin irritation, eyes, nose and lung burning, and nausea if ingested.

Some companies round off the sharp edges of the salt and call their ice melt pet-friendly. The so-called ‘pet safe’ ice melt may not be sharp on your pet’s paw but can cause serious winter pet injuries due to its toxic nature. As a responsible business establishment, you need to foresee the harms which toxic chemicals do to pets around your community. 

Safe Thaw Ice Melt

Safe Thaw is an ice melt that does not destroy concrete or harm pets around your facility area. It conforms with stringent environmental laws of US regulatory bodies. 

It includes two ice-fighting capabilities to keep your business from having to deal with ice problems. First, safe Thaw uses glycol to thaw the ice and prevent it from freezing again. It melts present ice and protects the surface from ice accumulation for 72 hours. 

All of the ingredients in the ice melter are natural. 

It is absolutely pet-safe and does not harm your delicate machinery. It has a long shelf life making it a suitable option for business. With the above chloride-free ice melt we hope you’ll make a responsible choice for your commercial property and the environment.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


If you are looking for a pocket-friendly ice melt for your business, get a safe ice melt in bulk. It will be a cost-effective choice as it will save you money in both the short and long run. In addition, you will be safe from slip and fall liabilities and do not need to worry about costly spring repairs.

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