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Winter Driveway Upkeep: 4 Essential Things You Cannot Skip


ice melt ruin concrete

Winter is the busiest time of year for driveways. Snow, ice, and frost are the bane of a road’s surface, but you still need to get your car in and out. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your driveway clear, safe, and smooth all winter long. Here’s what you should be doing this winter (and every other season) to keep your drive safe:

It is vital to keep harmful deicing salt away from concrete and to get a safe ice melt for cement. Here are some steps to take care of your concrete driveway during the winter storm.

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4 Essential Things You Cannot Skip

  • Cleaning The Driveway With A Broom

Preparing your driveway for snow and cold is the first step in winter driveway upkeep. A nice pressure washing is recommended for this. You can use this method to remove stubborn stains and loosen stubborn dirt that your broom may have missed. A chemical stain remover may be necessary if pressure washing is ineffective. Deep cleaning your driveway is an excellent time to inspect it for damage, including cracks, spalling, and ruts. 

  • Filling The Cracks

It’s not just the asphalt that needs to be filled in. If you have cracks in your driveway, they should be filled as well. When water seeps into a crack, it can cause the asphalt to deteriorate and result in even bigger problems down the road. You can fill this type of crack with gravel—it won’t look as nice as concrete or blacktop, but it will do the trick!

  • Sealing It

You should apply a coat of driveway sealer to protect the driveway from the winter weather. Driveway sealer can be used to fill up fine crevices and protect against potential harm from deicing salts. Your concrete driveway has to be sealed once every few years. 

  • Checking The Drainage

Because of low spots and inadequate drainage; melted snow might pool in your driveway. If your driveway is prone to pooling water, fixing deep depressions before winter is essential. 

Ice Melt Ruins Concrete

It’s essential to use the correct driveway de-icer to keep your driveway safe. Unfortunately, ice melt ruins concrete. But not all ice melt is created equal. There is some natural ice melt for cement that can keep your driveway safe. 

Safe Thaw: Best Ice Melt For Cement

Natural ice melt products like Safe Thaw are modified carbonyl diamide crystals. The specific glycols release a bluish liquid upon contact with ice. Besides, removing the water’s surface tension prevents the molecules from refreezing. This ice melter is completely salt-free and does not leave any harmful residue behind. Unlike some ice melts, this one won’t eat away at concrete or damage your property. It provides an environmentally responsible solution to winter problems and works effectively for 72 hours. 

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It’s easy to get complacent when it comes to our driveways. We know they’ll be there, we know they’re functional, and we don’t want to put in the effort required for upkeep. But if you don’t take care of your driveway now, you can expect problems later.

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