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Why Cheap Ice Melt Chemical Is Not Worth The Risk


calcium chloride ice melt safe for concrete

Ice melt costs are different based on the chemical composition and its manufacturer. However, this should not be the only factor in choosing the ice melt for your residence or industrial area. People also opt for roof ice melt tablets, thinking they will make ice removal easy. But do roof ice melt tablets work more effectively?

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Below is the answer for all your ice melt worries. Here is the range of chemical compounds from the least expensive to the most expensive ones with their ice melt features and the pros and cons of roof ice melt tablets.

Ice Melting Features Lowest effective temperatureContains ChlorineCorrosivenessEnvironment Friendly
Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt)15°FYesHighLow
Magnesium Chloride(-5)°FYesLowModerate
Calcium Chloride(-25)°FYesModerateModerate
Calcium magnesium acetate20°FNoNoHigh

Chloride-based ice melts

Chloride-based compositions are widely used as an ice melt due to their lower price. However, they are completely unsafe for the vegetation. In addition, they can damage the concrete due to freeze-induced expansion pressure built by multiple freeze/thaw cycles. Also, it is harmful to pets and kids.

Urea-based Ice melts

Generally, urea is known as a fertilizer, but it is also one of the best ice melt. It can melt the ice at a temperature as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, urea is the least toxic deicer and a perfect choice for those who want to avoid harm to their concrete, vehicles, machinery, metals, and roof and save costs simultaneously.

Do Roof Ice-Melt Tablets Work

Roof melt tablets are pretty easy to use compared to other tools and roof rakes which are also used to clear the ice and snow. The procedure to apply roof ice-melt is to throw some of the tablets on the roof before and some more after the snowfall. In case of any salt accumulates on the roof, you have to sweep it up.

Various manufacturers may use different chemicals to form the roof ice melt. Still, most use calcium chloride and salt in one form or another. These chemicals lower the freezing point of water.  

Still, the question arises, does Calcium chloride ice melt safe for concrete? Calcium chloride is widely used in roof ice-melt products. However, like other chloride-based ice melts, it also corrodes the metal and can destroy nails and shingles on your roof. 

Safe Thaw, A Urea-Modified Ice Melt

Safe Thaw is a urea-modified ice melt that is average in cost yet can give you results like expensive ice melt products while ensuring the safety of your premises and environment. You can use it on your roof before and after the snowstorm. 

With this effective ice melt, you don’t need to worry about heavy snow weight on the roof or damaged nails. Moreover, it does not leave behind residue, and the granules can be easily thrown on the roof. Therefore, it is the best fit for your industries since it is safe for metal and concrete and does not harm the machinery.

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Most roof ice-melt tablets combine chloride, making it cheaper and can melt the ice faster. But is Calcium chloride ice melt safe for concrete and your property? Because of its chloride content, it harms the concrete, machinery, vegetation, and the environment. So choose wisely because a cheaper product may become expensive when calculating the loss. 

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