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3 Ways In Which Safe Thaw Protects Your Commercial Vehicle


ice melt safe for concrete

As per studies, road deicers cause more than $3 billion in damage because of vehicle rusting. Now, this is a considerable number. US drivers spend a sizeable chunk on rust repairs every year, and the number keeps increasing. Metal car parts rust due to constant exposure to oxygen and carbon dioxide mixed with moisture, and you know the inevitable will happen. So how can we stop this loss every year and buy ice melt safe for concrete and vehicles? 

While maximum home depot ice melt has salts and chlorides, choosing which one will outlast the winter without damaging your commercial vehicle becomes challenging. To help you battle these winter woes better, you must explore non-salt and non-chloride options. 

Here are 3 reasons why Safe Thaw can protect your commercial vehicle every winter-

1. Non-sticky ice melt 

It is an industrial-strength ice melt that does not contain any chloride or salt. Instead, it comprises a 100% eco-friendly carbonyl diamide that leaches out a unique deicing liquid that speeds up the melting process. The carbon dioxide and oxygen + moisture mixture does not affect the vehicle and does not stick to the sides and underneath the vehicle. These unique properties make the ice melt safe for concrete and cars at all times. 

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

2. Cost-effective 

While you are worried about cheap deicing alternatives, you have a more significant reason to worry. Your vehicle rusting will cost you 3x the amount you decide to forego now on buying a good home depot ice melt. With Safe Thaw, you get all your queries, concerns, and apprehensions solved in an instant. It helps you avoid those overhauls and repair work that arise once winters pass. Even if the cost may seem comparatively higher, the longer-term solution is far better. 

3. Eco-friendly

Last but not least, it is incredibly eco-friendly. It does not cause any environmental damage because it does not contain any harmful chemicals or blends. Its all-natural dual-patented formula does not clog, block, or leave any unwanted stains on the concrete. You can quickly sweep it off the concrete onto the landscape and act as a secondary growth booster. It does not absorb the moisture from the soil, making it 100% safe for your vegetation and terrain. 

Safe Thaw was created as a necessity to help battle winter woes in an eco-friendly way. So you are stress-free that your commercial vehicle and concrete are safe from rusting and salt deposits.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


You will never buy a product with half-baked knowledge. Similarly, it would help if you did not buy an ice melt safe for concrete without studying everything about it. Even if it means spending a little extra, but you have a chance to keep your premises and car rust-free. 

With the help of Safe Thaw’s excellent melting properties, it is helping businesses across the country spend their time and effort growing their business than falling for legal notices or suing charges. 

Get your home depot ice melt right here! 

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