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What To Do When Gravel Is Stuck In A Concrete Driveway


melt ice on concrete

One thing you do not want is an uneven driveway, especially when winters are fast approaching. We look for solutions on- how to melt ice quickly during winters, but if you have an uneven driveway, the melted ice will penetrate the core. It will cause more damage.

Several products are on the market to help you melt ice on concrete. However, an environmentally friendly one will help you manage your concrete driveway and vegetation and not harm anyone at home.

Keeping this in mind, Safe Thaw came up with their 100% natural urea-modified product, different from the remaining products in the market. It is salt-free, chloride-free, and does not harm your surroundings. With special inhibitors, surfactants, and glycols, it has unique ice melting boosters that are not present in any other product. It is different from the other urea-containing products on the market.

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But while you decide what can I use to melt ice on concrete, the biggest question is when the gravel gets stuck on the concrete driveway. It will not only hinder the process of evenly removing the ice, but it can also become a cause of concern for the cars.

Remove It Manually

You can attempt to remove the gravel manually with the help of a garden spade or an iron rake. It will require slight effort, and you won’t have to worry about how to melt ice quickly either. Most gravel left on the concrete driveway can cause the concrete to wear and tear quicker because of the small gap. It is better to remove the patch immediately to avoid any complications later.

Replace Cracked Concrete

If the gravel stuck on your concrete driveway is causing it to crack due to pressure, it is time to call the professionals. With their special tools, they can quickly remove the gravel on the concrete without causing much damage. If there is any concrete damage, it is advisable to replace the cracked concrete with a fresh one.

Sprinkle Dry Cement

You can alternately sprinkle dry cement on the gravel and roll it over with a cement roller to even the surface. It will no longer cause any problem while driving into your garage. Once you do this, applying ice melt during winters becomes easier.

What Can I Use To Melt Ice On Concrete?

After you have solved the problem of gravel being stuck on your driveway, you can use natural ice melt products such as Safe Thaw to ensure your driveway does not spoil or stain during the remaining months. It will help your driveway last longer without any hassle.

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How to melt ice quickly is a pertinent question we all have during winters. If you have a problem with gravel stuck on cement, the first step will be to remove it or even it out to allow your ice melt to spread properly. Without following the above steps, there is a high chance of your driveway slowly giving way before the next season.

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