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What Is Mag Chloride & What Does It Do To Your Commercial Vehicle?

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Magnesium Chloride is a famous bulk ice melt in the market. After salt and calcium chloride, Mag Chloride or MgCI2 attracts quite a few buyers. They come in a flake form and look like any other deicer in the market; however, they are different. You can get hold of magnesium chloride at almost all wholesale ice melt distributors around you

Top 5 Things To Note About Magnesium Chloride- 

1. It can melt ice up to -5 Degrees Fahrenheit, which is much lower than rock salt or sodium chloride. Residential and commercial establishments prefer this over sodium chloride in many states. 

2. It quickly reacts with ice and turns to water or brine. It absorbs the moisture in the air to speed the process. However, after melting, it leaves a slight residue, if not more, sticking to the ground and the area around. 

3. It is pretty detrimental to concrete and may damage your surface. Magnesium Chloride affects the concrete with the continuous freeze/thaw cycle that takes place. Therefore, you have to take care of the quantity so that you do not overuse it. 

4. It is much higher in cost than other ice melt products unless bought from wholesale ice melt distributors when the price might come down slightly. 

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5. It is not practical in frigid temperatures as it will not lower the melting point of ice. So if you are planning to use it below – 5 degrees Celsius temperature, it won’t work. 

Does It Damage Your Commercial Vehicle? 

Contrary to popular belief, magnesium chloride can harm your commercial vehicle in the long run. It is more harmful to commercial vehicles and metals on roadways and twice as corrosive for stainless steel. In addition, it has a mild reaction with mild steel if used with other additives. 

Does Safe Thaw help to reduce the strain on concrete and commercial vehicles? 

Yes, Safe Thaw has been certified by the NSC and is safe for every type of vehicle. 

Safe Thaw is made purely of organic ingredients that are not only environment-friendly but also concrete-friendly. Its most potent ingredient is carbonyl carbamide that does not interfere with the overall environmental cycle. It is safe on all types of decking materials and vegetation as well. 

It is available with leading wholesale ice melt distributors around the country. It is super easy to use and does not need an elaborate setup, except an icing spreader to spread it evenly on the icy surface. It helps to increase traction, melts ice at an even pace, and works at subzero temperatures. 

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While several references talk about magnesium chloride and its potent effects, you must ensure that you do not overuse it. It can damage your concrete and also cause further loss to your property. And don’t forget the mounting expenses because of its market pricing! The best way is to purchase bulk ice melt from leading wholesale ice melt distributors in the market. 

Don’t let winters spoil your business. 

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